Brides in forest by Halo and Hobby

Artistic and Dramatic Wedding Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Artistic and dramatic, distinctive and unique. Explore the future of contemporary wedding photography by the fascinating Halo and Hobby, and let your imagination run wild.

Blood stained zombie bride and groom in the woods by Halo and Hobby |


Wedding photos with a difference

This is wedding photography to die for… Anthony Gould-Davies (nicknamed Halo) and Martin Hobby are award-winning photographers who together create works of art worthy of a gallery, yet destined for your wall. Like Burke and Hare, the infamous Victorian grave robbers, Halo and Hobby are extremely creative with the bodies they work with…

Apocalyptic zombie brides

Dramatic brides with blood-stained gowns and staring eyes whisper of a dark sense of humour though may not be quite the shots you were planning for your big day. But a zombie apocalypse wedding certainly makes for a wild photo shoot with your hen party or a post-wedding shoot for couples with a love of surrealism. It could be the ultimate ‘trash the dress’, and their ideas are endless.

Anthony Gould-Davies of Halo and Hobby | bride in the woods with flowers in her hair by Halo and HobbyWedding photographer Martin Hobby of Halo and HobbyZombie Brides by Halo and HobbyDramatic artistic bride and bride by Halo and HobbyZombie bride by Halo and HobbyTop hat in the woods by Halo and Hobby

Eclectic, eccentric and extraordinarily versatile

Modern day eccentrics, Hobby in his waistcoat and fob-watch and Gould-Davies with his handlebar moustache,  inspired by Victorian Gothic elegance, are ‘throwing the rules out of the window’ when it comes to wedding photography. Their work is humorous, at times dark, and certainly more interesting than many of their contemporaries.

Speaking to them, their true passion for art is at once apparent. I find them both extremely personable, Gould-Davies makes me laugh every minute and I can imagine feeling completely at ease in their company, even if I was dressed in just a wedding veil. Oh yes, and they’ll do that too!

This is niche photography for anyone with a sense of drama, a sense of fun, a sense of humour or a desire for something different. Their genius is in their versatility as they also shoot classic style wedding photos with traditional group shots and family portraits that all good wedding photographers will offer. What sets Halo and Hobby apart is their infinite imagination, off-the-wall sense of humour and expertise at shooting their subjects, venues and locations for high drama.

Dramatic wedding photography by Halo and HobbyFloating bride and groom by Halo and HobbyDramatic wedding photography by Halo and HobbyBride and groom under backlit tree by Halo and HobbyRomantic Brighton beach wedding kiss by Halo and HobbyArtistic photo of two floating brides in a snowy forest by Halo and Hobby |

Their ethereal, angelic looking brides floating curiously above a snowy forest landscape are the artistic realisation of some truly vibrant imagination. When I asked how this was done I was told, “Magic!” And so it is.

Floating bride in snowy forest by Halo and Hobby

If you are considering wedding photos that are high art, real drama or themed in some way, either with a deeply serious or a lightly humorous subject  then you may have just found your ideal photographers.

Because, as you can see, with Halo and Hobby, anything is possible.

Zombie brides with photographers Halo and HobbyZombie bride with wedding hat by Halo and Hobby

Credits for the zombie brides photo shoot: Photographers: Location: Nutfield Priory Hotel / Hair & make up: Tania Claire / Dress expert and stylist: Wilden Bride London / Flowers: Fearless Florals / Video production: Andrew Dobell / Models: Miss Amber Wright, Miss Emile Hardwick, Miss Hobson, Miss Jeffs and Miss Barrett.

For wedding photos with a difference, get in touch with Martin Hobby and Anthony Gould-Davies at Fabulous Wedding Photography.


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