Boudoir Photography – For Your Eyes Only

What is a ‘boudoir shoot?’ you might ask. It sounds like something straight out of a 1950s Hollywood film, and in some ways, it is! Picture yourself, in the most stunning lingerie, being asked to pose by a professional photographer who knows just how to make you look like a glamorous star. Boudoir shoots are now the height of fashion with modern brides disrobing for a very special, secret photo shoot for their groom’s eyes only.

Mirror Image Boudoir


Image courtesy of Mirror Image Boudoir

Making the most of your shape

What I love about boudoir shoots is that they are all about making you look and feel your very best. You don’t have to slim down or tone up, and you should not feel you need to as these photos are for the one person who sees you naked and loves you for who you are, not what you look like. They are a beautiful visual representation of your sensuality in all its glory!

If you are curvy, make the most of your cleavage and your roundness by wearing an uplifting bra or a curve-enhancing corset. If you are very slim, show off your long legs and lean lines with high heels to great effect.

How to look sexy

It’s your photo shoot so you will dictate just how you want the end results to look – whether you’d like to look super vixen sexy or more sensual, it’s really down to you to let the photographer know what you want.

Managing nerves

Photographer Anthony Gould-Davies told me: ‘’It’s the women who come in looking the most demure, clutching at their coats, who, after about twenty minutes, are parading around almost naked saying “I’ll do anything, just tell me what to do…”

“I have to make a girl feel totally at ease in a situation like that, and if I can make them laugh, then the day is won. Trust is very important – a woman has to trust me to get the very best out of her. A pose or direction or facial expression may feel odd… perhaps even look odd from the subject’s point of view, but when they see the final example, they’re over the moon.”
Violet Boudoir Photography
Image courtesy of Violet Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photographer

Whether you should choose a male or female photographer is a very commonly asked question. There are some who say you get a different result and a whole different experience from one than the other. It’s personal choice and while many women will feel more comfortable undressing in front of another woman, there are just as many women who feel they can be sexier when being photographed by a man. The most important tip is to meet the photographer first to go through their portfolio and make sure you like their style and feel comfortable with them.

Here are some ideas of what to wear at a boudoir shoot and if you’re interested in booking one there are several boudoir photographers we recommend. Go ahead, release your inner sex goddess! Your groom will be thrilled and so will you.

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