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Don’t leave it to chance, use a qualified Professional videomaker.


Couples often say their wedding day passed by in a blur; a flurry of fleeting conversations, photo sessions, meeting new people and having to be in many places at once. A well made wedding film can provide an invaluable lasting memento of the occasion, recording many of the amusing incidents you missed and capturing the planned events, as well as those spontaneous moments that are unique to every wedding. It can provide a vivid record of; all your guests, the venue, the speeches and of course, the ceremony and your vows. A copy of your wedding film on DVD or video also makes a great gift for friends and relatives especially those who were unable to attend.

By hiring a professional wedding videomaker to produce your film, you’re recognising and honouring the importance of your wedding day. Only an experienced wedding videomaker is properly prepared to capture the important details of your special day; from the rush of the bride’s preparations at the beginning of the day, through the emotional moments of the ceremony and the excitement of the reception, to the romance of the First Dance and sometimes beyond into the evening. For a high‐quality professional wedding film, be prepared to pay anything from around £850 upwards. “A good professional videomaker using proper professional equipment and having all the relevant insurance and licenses certainly shouldn’t be charging any less than £700” says Stephen Crawford, a wedding video expert who runs the Association of Professional Videomakers. He also warns not to take chances but select your wedding videomaker very carefully. His ‘Top Tips’ are shown below. The Association provides free advice to the public and take their responsibilities to those seeking video services very seriously, offering impartial advice and suggestions when requested.

Though many people still opt for a family member or friend to ‘do the video’ this is not really a viable alternative to a professional and you simply cannot expect anything like the same results. Most professionals nowadays use the kind of equipment and have the experience to ensure your finished film will be of a similar quality to a TV programme and unlike amateurs (even enthusiastic ones), your finished film should not be full of shaky camerawork, zooming shots, poor sound or blurred out‐of‐focus footage. If they hold the relevant music licences (as most professionals should), they will usually be able to incorporate your musical selections into your finished film.


Top Tips

  • Use a professional videomaker. Book a qualified member of a professional trade association such as the Association of Professional Videomakers ( All qualified members of the APV are professionals and have to pass an assessment before they can be recommended. They also follow a clear code‐of‐conduct. Just because someone hasn’t joined the Association doesn’t necessarily mean they are no good, but by joining they show they are running a serious and professional business and care about what they do.
  • Ask to see previous work samples. This will allow you to assess whether you like the videomakers ‘style’ of production. Some professionals will have video examples on their website or on the APV’s ‘Find a Videographer’ search engine, others will send out DVDs, arrange for you to see examples at their studios or perhaps visit you in your own home.
  • Personal Recommendation. One way to find a videomaker is by personal recommendation. However, it is still a good idea to ask to see their work. There are many different styles and what suited your friend may not suit you.
  • Insurance & Licences. Make sure they have professional insurance and licences to film wedding videos. Whilst it’s not a legal requirement, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances should be held by professional videomakers; if you are in any doubt ask to see proof. If you want commercial music the videomaker should also have the relevant MCPS and PPL Licences.
  • Avoid cheap and ‘freebie’ wedding video ‘offers’ at all costs. There will usually be a good reason it is so cheap and the videomaker will most likely be an amateur, just starting up and/or using sub‐standard equipment. Good quality generally costs more; you will usually get what you pay for. Why take a risk, would you use an amateur photographer?
  • Communicate. Discuss your ideas and requests with the videomaker and make sure they know what you want and have noted your requests. Let the videomaker know if there are any special moments you want to have captured, such as the moment the bride’s parents see her in her dress for the first time. If there are certain people you want included in the video, assign a bridesmaid or usher to point them out to the videomaker on the day. Remember it’s your wedding; make sure to get what you want filmed.
  • Book well in advance. All the best videomakers get booked up very early, especially for the busiest times of the year. Ideally you should book as soon as your date and venue have been confirmed. Many couples realising the importance of a video are booking the videomaker long before many of the other services.
  • A wedding video is not a luxury. Budget to include making a wedding film. Nowadays it is not is it something to be considered at the end of your plans if you have sufficient budget left, but the only way you can bring back all the memories of your day for years to come. Remember, you have only one chance to be sure your wedding day is professionally captured… just one chance to be sure all of the emotions, the love, happiness and laughter are preserved for you and your loved ones to share again and again.

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