Do you need a wedding video?

For all the build-up, many couples find that the big day itself passes in a bit of a blur. Having a wedding video means you can replay it all at your leisure, giving you the chance to watch your dad’s dodgy dancing or hear the best man’s speech all over again. . .and again.

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A video also means you can catch everything you missed while you were busy shaking hands in the receiving line or posing for photos and it’s a great way to share your celebrations with friends and relatives who weren’t able to be there.

There are various options for how to capture the event on video, the most popular being to hire a professional operator. This can be relatively expensive, so it’s certainly something you need to add to your wedding budget. As with a photographer, it’s also a good idea to shop around until you find a videographer who provides the style you’re looking for, and also stays within your budget.

A less expensive option is to buy, borrow or hire a video camera and ask a friend or relative to film the day for you. Be sure to ask someone who will enjoy doing it, and also who isn’t too involved in the big day. Let them know what you’d really like to capture on camera, and remember that they’re doing you a favour. This isn’t going to be a professional job!

Short sharp bursts of 10 to 20 seconds of filming can be the most effective, especially if you get them professionally edited to music. And finally…remember to ask your minister or registrar for permission to film the ceremony, and be prepared to pay for the privilege.

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