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Confetti presents a modern take on wedding photography. An alternative, post-wedding photo shoot, tailored to the bride and groom’s unique preferences and personality.

Algarve Photography night bride by the pool


One day. That’s all you’ll get in your adorable wedding dress,  the dress that cost thousands of pounds. One day. And you could be too scared to take any risks as far as photography goes. You’ll steer clear of water, mud, and children with sticky hands. You’ll stay off the grass and off the roads… And then, after the honeymoon, you’ll clean your dress, pack it in paper and plastic, box it up and put it to the back of the cupboard, and that’ll be the end of it.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. You deserve better. Your dress deserves better. So you need need a chance to spread your wings without the fear of spoiling your wedding day. You need another chance to shine, to feel special and capture the kind of wedding photographs you can cherish for all time. This is about expression, about liberating the bride and groom from expectation and itineraries.

It’s not ‘Trash the Dress’ or ‘Rock the Dress’, here at Confetti we want you to Express the Dress. Hire a photographer for the day, a make-up artist, and a car and get out there. Why not do an impromptu photo shoot on the Tube/train, or in a run-down city street (think of the contrast between the pristine whiteness of your wedding dress and the graffiti-strewn urban jungle)? What about the back row of an empty cinema, eating popcorn in 3D glasses? Or pick scenic beauty spots (beaches, mountains, forests, lakes).

Bride and Groom's shadow and love heart in the sand

Remember…this isn’t your wedding day anymore. You don’t have a designated ten minutes of rigidly posing before you’re whisked away to the next rendezvous. You can take your time and do what you want. And do things you should: play cricket on the beach, walk along the surf, climb a tree, ride a bike. Those stains will come out and you’ll have the kind of photographs you want to remember–those made in a relaxed and fun environment.

But what’s the best way to express your dress? You’ll need to think of the kind of activities that you both like doing together as a couple and some important locations. You’ll need a gifted photographer that isn’t afraid of going off-piste and experimenting: one that is willing to follow you wherever you dare. You could even get a makeup artist, a limousine filled with champagne and flowers, book a meal in a swanky restaurant (although a fast food photo shoot would be fun too!) etc. Make a real day of it. The more fun you’re having, the better you’ll look. And you’ll have the kind of photographs that will be the envy of every other married couple. Don’t think of it as spending money: in a way, you’re saving money. You’re getting value out of a wedding dress, you’re getting to live like a movie star.

Yes, you deserve better than one day. You are adorable; you deserve to express the dress, again and again.

Algarve Wedding Photography Sunset Bride and Groom Silhouettes

Images courtesy of Yes I Do! Algarve Wedding Photography

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