How to Make Your Wedding Photos Stand Out

The question has been popped. The date has been set. It is time for the planning to begin. When planning your wedding, you will need to make many decisions; one of those decisions is wedding photos.

When choosing a wedding photographer, the last thing you want is to get your pictures and regret your choice.  If you want to be confident in your choice of the best wedding photographer, then keep reading about why Zaki Charles Photography is right for you.


Dare to Be Different

When your wedding day is over, do you want generic photos? Or do you want photos that are timeless and stand out? One of the benefits of using Zaki Charles Photography is the images they create.

Your wedding day shot list is created using your wedding plans. This list will be custom to you which allows the photos to be creative and artistic.

The images are bold, dramatic, and cinematic. When you receive your pictures, they will be unlike any other photos you have seen before.

Your Wedding Photos Should Be Art

Your wedding photos should be pieces of art that blow your friends and family away. Zaki Charles Photography combines its timeless signature style and cutting-edge UV-protected print technology to bring your photos to life.

You can choose photos to become centerpieces in your home over the years to come, making your memories art.

Your First Family Heirloom

A wedding album showcases one of the most important days of your life. Your album should tell your story and add to your family tradition.

Zaki Charles Photography wedding albums will be your first family heirloom. In the years to come, you, your children, and your children’s children will be able to look back at an album that was meticulously created just for you.

Everything from the paper choice to the spreads is created with you in mind and made from high-quality Italian materials. 

A Personalised Touch

Your wedding is personal. You want and need to feel comfortable with and confident in your wedding photographer. Zaki Charles Photography takes the time to get to know you through the onboarding process and continuing support up to your wedding.

Capture All the Moments

You do not want to miss a moment from the day of your wedding. This is why Zaki Charles Photography uses two photographers on the day of your wedding.

The lead photographer captures the dramatic shots. At the same time, the second photographer captures the emotional moments that move you.

Full-Service Wedding Photography Packages

When you are looking at wedding photographer cost, Zaki Charles Photography offers full-service photography packages that include:

  • All-day coverage
  • 2 photographers
  • A secure online gallery
  • Individually edited images
  • Engagement Session
  • Wedding album handmade in Italy
  • Wedding timeline coordination
  • 2 week turn-around time on images

A Wedding Photographer for You

Make sure your wedding memories are captured in a way that is timeless, bold, creative, and artistic. Are you ready to hire the right wedding photographer for you?

Zaki Charles Photography provides anything but ordinary wedding photography; capture your wedding day in extraordinary ways, visit the Zaki Charles Photography website to check availability and pricing.

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