Mark Niemierko’s Top Five Tips – Wedding Photography

This month wedding planner Mark Niemierko shares his top tips on what to consider when selecting your wedding photographer.

Wedding photography


  1. Arrange to meet with your photographer before your big day. The success of the photos depend on how relaxed and confident you feel with the person, and considering they will be with you for most of the day, it’s important you feel comfortable with them.
  2. Check out the photographer’s online portfolio as well as the finished products included in the package they are offering. There are many types of albums available for wedding couples and you want to be sure of the quality of the photography, as well as the quality of the design and make of album.
  3. The best photographers are capable of consistently producing great results in all types of lighting situations from the morning to evening celebrations so ask if it is possible to see a full wedding shoot from start to finish. This is better than seeing the ‘best of’ portfolio.
  4. Preparation is important – ask your photographer to have a site visit of your venue, to run through the schedule and plan the formal family group shots. The more time spent planning this with your photographer, the less chaos there will be on the day…ensuring a swift and smooth family photo session.
  5. Relax and enjoy the photography experience ‐ your photographer will give you some direction to get the best from you on the day with some helpful hints and advice. Take all these suggestions on board…one good tip is to remember to smile with your eyes not just your mouth ‐ a genuine feeling of happiness shows in the photos!

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