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Photo Booth Fun, Props and Backdrops

A photo booth is a great way to add an element of real fun to your wedding reception.  Hire a professional photo booth complete with green screen and wind machine or create your own with a backdrop, props and cameras. Here’s how to have a photo booth at your wedding whatever your budget.  Personalised photo booth sign Confetti Shop

Above: Personalised Directional Sign with Chalkboard Print Design


Hire a photo booth

When you hire a professional photo booth you get all the expertise and technology along with the costumes, props and background plus unlimited printed photos so you can all use the booth as many times as you like. Some companies also offer a wind machine to blow your hair like models and a high definition camera to ensure top quality photos and most include a guest book and video messaging options too.

With PhotoPoint you can even use green screen technology enabling you to put any background in your pictures so if Paris is special to you, have the Eiffel Tower or if you’re both horror film fans you could create your own virtual zombie apocalypse!

Confetti Photo Booth hireConfetti Photo Booth hire

Confetti Photo Booth hire in Suppliers

Create your own photo booth

Creating your own photo booth is easy and you can make it as personalised as you wish. Choose your props and add any other costumes or accessories you want to such as: sunglasses, wigs, moustaches, medallions and masks. For added humour add fake noses, inflatable musical instruments and chalk boards or hand-held signs to add messages. With a personalised backdrop you can add your names or initials and wedding date to each photo.

Personalised photo backdropKissing booth personalised photo backdropVintage Affair Photo booth props by Confetti

Above: Kissing Booth Personalised Photo Backdrop | Vintage Affair Photo Booth Kit

Themed photo booths

For a vintage wedding theme use props from that era so a 1950s style wedding would be great with an Elvis wig and some ’50s sunglasses while a 1920s wedding would be wonderful with a long string of pearls, colourful feather boas, bow ties and a monacle. You could also add a vintage antique gold frame to hold, cocktail glasses and an old fashioned telephone for even more fun.

Hired booths can be customised too and some hired photo booths don’t even look like booths like the ones inside London taxi cabs which look so stylish at weddings.

Camera Cabtastic photo booth in a London taxi cabCamera Cabtastic photo booth in a London taxi cab

Above, Camera Cabtastic, a taxi photo booth supplier in Confetti’s Directory

Disposable cameras in all colours

And if a photo booth is not your style but you do want to capture the moments at your reception, leave wedding fun cameras on the tables to snap candid pictures of friends and family as they have fun.

Vintage disposable fun camera available in the Confetti ShopVintage Lace photo booth party props Confetti Shop

Above: Vintage Lace Photo Booth Party Props (10 Pack)

Disposable cameras in a range of colours and styles at Confetti

Disposable cameras all available in the Confetti Shop

Find photo booth props in the Confetti Shop and professional photo booth hire companies in the Directory.

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