Top tips for great wedding pics

Make the most of your wedding photographer

This is a day that will never be repeated, so you need someone who can capture the best moments without cutting anyone’s head off or giving you ‘red eye’. Here are a few extra tips for getting what you want from your pictures.


Relationships matter

Whoever you book to take your pictures will be spending a substantial amount of time with you on the best day of your lives, so you must get on with him or her. ‘You should feel confident and relaxed in their presence,’ says specialist wedding photographer David Elsdon. ‘They may be the best photographer in the world, but if you don’t feel comfortable it will be reflected in the final images.’

Check the small print

Once you’ve found the perfect photographer, get your booking in writing. Check the small print and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. You could even ask the photographer to sign a contract, which records your wedding date, time and place, price and any restrictions or conditions.

Decide what they should do

A good professional photographer will use his or her creative and technical skills to get the best results as quickly, smoothly and tactfully as possible, but discuss the role you want your photographer to take on your wedding day. Do you want him or her to control events or blend into the background? One well‐known photographer likes to shepherd guests into position with the help of a shrill whistle. It’s not very subtle, but it breaks the ice and no one misses out on any of the day’s photo calls!

Beware of buying budget

If your wedding photographs matter to you, skimping may not pay. ‘People often make the mistake of thinking that all photographers are the same, but the photographic quality and style can vary enormously,’ says David. ‘Wedding photography is one area where you really do get what you pay for.’

Remember that your family will be charged separately for any copies they want. Look for those nice little extras too. Some photographers throw in a load of thank you cards with a small photo enclosed, as part of the deal.

Don’t forget the details

If you’ve spent a long time creating invites, menus, flower arrangements etc, you’ll want these little details captured on film too.

For more informal snaps, it’s a lovely idea to place single use Camera on the tables at the reception so your guests can capture their version of the day. You can order one‐use confetti wedding cameras from our online shop.

Practice makes perfect

Try to meet up with the photographer at the venues for the service and the reception beforehand, so that he/she can get a feel for the best settings to enhance the style of photographs. Remember you need to check with your minister to make sure photography is permitted during the wedding ceremony.

Say ‘relax’

Finally, the best advice any couple can take is try and relax in front of the camera. If you’re not used to smiling and posing, or feel unhappy with your usual image in pictures, grab a mirror and spend a few minutes practising until you find a smile or an expression you can live with. If you look and feel comfortable, your photos are bound to work!

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