‘Trash the Dress’ Wedding Shoot

Don’t let your wedding dress sit in a dusty box or hang lifeless in the wardrobe, instead wear it one last time for a ‘Trash the Dress’ photo shoot!

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Images by Kyle Hepp Photography

‘Trash the dress’, ‘the fearless bride’ or ‘rock the frock’ are the total opposite to traditional wedding photographs. They may just be something that you and your husband will love taking part in, and might prefer to hang over the mantelpiece!

At a ‘trash the dress’ shoot you will feel much more comfortable being in front of the camera than you did on your big day, so it’s the perfect opportunity to add different styles to your wedding photos. You will also have much more time to get alternative wedding shots, and the shoot will allow you to get into situations at some unusual locations that you would not dare to try on your big day.

If you feel that you could not totally ‘trash’ your wedding dress, try getting it wet or dirty instead, so then you can restore it to its former glory by getting it dry-cleaned. You could also buy a cheap dress off the rack or from a second-hand shop and trash that instead. If your husband wants to get in on the act, he might consider getting some less formal clothes than his wedding suit. However, if you are the type of bride that has the ‘all or nothing’ approach to life, and you want to totally wreck the dress beyond recognition, then consider burning or painting it.

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Images by Kyle Perison Photography

Irish photographer Ruth Foran says: “I find that before the wedding some brides think they would never go for a trash the dress shoot, but when the wedding is all over and there is a real feeling of anti-climax because the wedding dress is left hanging in a wardrobe, they think, ah sure, why not?”

If you want to include a bouquet, ask your florist to make you a new one or borrow one from your bridesmaid. You could also pick up some beautiful flowers and try your hand at some DIY – but a lot of brides go without bouquets.

You could also extend your hotel stay and shoot the photographs in your wedding reception room or suite. By doing so, you can also get some alternative ‘getting ready shots’ in the hotel room!

Most brides do their own hair and make-up for the shoot, but if you prefer you can ask your hairdresser and make-up artist for a special wedding package price that includes both your wedding day and a trash the dress shoot.

Talk to your wedding photographer about the photographs that you would like. They might have some great ideas that will lead to dramatic, creative and artistic photographs. The photographer might need you to kiss, laugh, dance or jump on command, so make sure you improvise. Do not be afraid to try new things. The more bizarre the photos are, the better!

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Images by Shaw Shots

To some brides a trash the dress shoot sounds like a nightmare – after hunting for the dress, pouring over magazines, traipsing through bridal shops, dieting, exercising, taking things in and letting things out to create the perfect look for your walk up the aisle. For other brides, a trash the dress shoot helps preserves every inch of beloved beading and lace. It also acts as the final farewell to the dress, rather than packing it up for storage or selling it on eBay.

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