Wedding Photo Fun

Spice up your wedding photos with these wedding photography ideas from photo booths to professional photos, videos and fun cameras. It’s time to have some wedding photo fun!


Tossing the bouquet at the wedding |
Image Courtesy of Nina Dodd Photography

As the bride or groom, you’ll find that you get very little (if any!) spare time to think and collect yourself. Your memories might be blurry the day after, thanks to how busy you were, and the Prosecco, so you need to find a way to keep them clear. The answer is a photographer; they’ll patrol your reception and capture the moments that might be a bit fuzzy in your mind. The professional photos will keep the memory of the big day clear for years to come, so you can even show grandchildren one day!



Bride walking down the aisle |
Image Courtesy of Jon Harper-Wedding Photographer

A photo can capture a moment, but a video can capture hours. A video can not only let you remember the day, but show you another angle of the day that you didn’t see. Whether you want the entire day filmed or you want it cut down to make a beautiful film of your day, this is an amazing way to save memories. This is the best way to ensure that you see as much of your wedding that you can see.

Photo Booth

Vintage photo booth |
Image Courtesy of Confetti Booth

A photo booth is a great way to get some wedding photo fun; these photos will show a different side of your guests. For some reason when people enter a photo booth their inhibition goes through the floor. Without all their normal hang-ups your guest can act a lot freer and give you some really wacky pictures. You want to be able to look back in 30 years and see your grandma voguing at your wedding!

Disposable Cameras

Disposable Camera Pictures |
Confetti Disposable Cameras

These favours are a great way to get some unique photos for the album. By handing these out to your guests and encouraging your guest to take some pictures, you get some truly unique shots. Your guests will be able to take the perfect candid shots that photographers can’t get; these pictures may not look as professional, it shows the real side of your wedding day. Just make sure that you ask your guests to send you their best shots so you can make copies.

Back Drops

Couple in front of a back drop |
Confetti Photo Backdrops

Your guests are wearing some of their best clothes and would love to have their picture taken. You want these pictures to look beautiful and not have drunk dads dancing in the background. To keep these pictures looking amazing, add a backdrop! A personalised backdrop will let your guests have the perfect picture and will remind them of your big day whenever they look at the picture.


Vintage Affair Photo Booth Kit |
Vintage Affair Photo Booth Kit

Props make everything better, but they go perfectly with a photo booth. Lower inhibitions mixed with a feather boa are a great mix to create an amazing photo. Whether you have an entire fancy dress box, or a photo booth prop set, people will absolutely love to have props! This may be the only time to see your grumpy uncle in a silly hat, so take advantage of this!

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