Your Ultimate Wedding Photo Checklist

When it comes to your wedding photos, it’s likely your wedding photographer will know all the important shots they need to capture, but whether you are a photographer looking for advice or a happy couple who want to feel prepared, our ultimate wedding photo checklist offers all the ideas and information you could need. These of course are just the minimum requirements. A good photographer will explore the alternatives, capture the details, bring their own ideas and capture informal and relaxed reportage photography. Confetti presents a simple checklist for covering your wedding.

Wedding photo checklist


Getting Ready Photos

Whether you are getting ready at the wedding venue or at home, photographs of those final moments getting ready for the big day will be photos to treasure. You might want two photographers to capture these moments or choose to take a few key photos with each of the couple.

  • Bride putting final touches to her outfit
  • Groom putting final touches to his outfit
  • Bride in bedroom mirror getting ready
  • Groom with his groomsmen
  • Mother /Best Woman / Chief bridesmaid adjusting veil for the bride
  • Corsage being pinned on mother of the bride
  • Corsage being pinned on father of the bride
  • Portraits of mother and bride
  • Portraits of father and bride
  • Portraits of mother and groom
  • Portraits of father and groom
  • Portraits of siblings with bride
  • Portraits of siblings with groom
  • Group shot of the bridal party
  • Father helping bride into car
  • Shot of bride in back of car from the front seat looking back
  • Shot of bride through car window
  • Shots of rings and wedding stationery

Photos at the Wedding Venue Before Ceremonies Begin

You have put so much time, effort and thought into your wedding decor so make sure your photographer captures the venue and the ceremony while all the flowers and decor are looking fresh and pristine. You may also want to capture some arrival photos and those moments before the bride arrives.

  • The venue and its surroundings
  • The ushers
  • Guests arriving at the venue
  • Groom and best man waiting at the door of the venue
  • Groom and best man handshake
  • Groom having his tie adjusted
  • Groom, best man and page boys
  • Groom, best man and close friends
  • Groom with father
  • Groom with mother
  • Groom waiting at the altar
  • Priest or registrar
  • Details of interior of venue, particularly wedding decor
  • Bride arriving
  • Bride stepping from transport with father’s assistance
  • Bride kissing father on cheek
  • Bride with a proud mother and father looking on
  • Bride and bridesmaid group shot in venue gardens

During the Wedding Ceremony

Your photographer will get plenty of shots of your ceremony and while this is going on, you want to have your full focus on saying those vows. Make sure your photographer knows who all the key members of bridal party are and any special moments you have planned that they may not know about.

  • Bride and father of the bride coming down the aisle
  • Bridesmaids, flower girls coming down the aisle
  • Pageboys, ringbearers approaching the altar
  • Flower girls  spreading rose petals
  • Father giving bride away
  • Shots of ceremony
  • Looking down the aisle at the couple
  • Ring ceremony
  • Vows
  • First kiss
  • Guests
  • Readers

After the Ceremony Inside the Wedding Venue

Those moment the vows are complete there is just such an eruption of joy in the room and you want to make sure those happiest of moments are caught on camera. From signing the register to leaving the venue as a married couple, here are the moments you will want to capture.

  • Married couple signing the register
  • Best man, witnesses signing the register
  • Maid of honour signing the register
  • Married couple leaving the wedding venue

After the Ceremony Outside the Wedding Venue

There are a few special moments you will want to capture before you head to your reception, it’s also a great way to make sure you get enough family shots in as these can be time consuming once everyone has disbursed. 

  • Throwing of confetti
  • Married couple kissing (close up)
  • Married couple kissing (2/3 length)
  • Married couple kissing (full length)
  • Bride and groom looking at ring
  • Bride and groom’s hands with rings and flowers
  • Bride and groom with vicar/registrar
  • Bride and groom with Priest or registrar
  • Bride, groom and wedding party
  • Bride and groom in wedding door
  • Bride and groom leaving the wedding venue grounds by transport
  • Group shots of families
  • Bride with her mother
  • Bride with her father
  • Bride and groom with bride’s parents
  • Bride and groom with groom’s parents
  • Bride with both parents
  • Bride with bridesmaid and bouquets
  • Bridesmaids with flowers
  • Pageboys
  • Groom with parents
  • Groom with mother
  • Groom with father
  • Bride and groom with both sets of parents
  • Bride and groom with close friends or family

Site Specific Shots

This will depend on the location of your wedding but think carefully about any special areas of the venue or the surrounding area that would work well for photos. If your photographer is familiar with the venue then they will know these already, alternatively your wedding co-ordinator can help you.

  • Couple by tree
  • Couple walking on beach
  • Couple walking in woods
  • Couple in ruins of old building
  • Couple on bridge or looking over waters

The Reception

This is when the party really gets started so you want lots of beautiful photos of this happy time. From table settings to the toasts, there are so many photo opportunities at the wedding reception.

  • Receiving line
  • Couple greeting guests
  • Wedding cake
  • Guests seated
  • Guests signing wedding book
  • Gifts
  • Toasts
  • Close up of bride and groom on top table / toasting
  • Assorted shots of guests during meal and speeches
  • Bride’s father’s speech
  • Groom’s speech
  • Best man’s speech
  • Other speeches
  • First dance
  • Bride and father dancing
  • Groom and mother dancing
  • Family and guests dancing
  • Fun and games at the reception
  • Cutting the cake
  • Bride throwing the bouquet
  • Bride and groom leaving
  • Shot of decorated car or transport

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