Wedding Worthy Selfies & Hashtags

It’s official; selfies have become part of our everyday lives; a trend that has now become the norm no matter where you, this includes weddings. Back in August, Andrew and Sally won the worldwide Selfie Award of the Month after they snapped a picture of themselves minutes after they said ‘I do’; and we loved it! What better way to capture the moment than with a selfie? We show you how to have a wedding worthy selfie and hashtag.

Wedding Worth Selfe | Wedding Selfie at the alter |


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Pick the perfect moment

Just like Andrew and Sally, you need to time your selfie perfectly. Think of a selfie as a fantastic way to document the highlights of the day instantly. Capture these top 8 moments:
1.    Getting ready with the girls
2.    Adding the finishing touches to your outfit
3.    A selfie with your dad
4.    After your I do’s at the altar
5.    A newlyweds selfie, showing off your rings
6.    Outside the church
7.    With the bridal party
8.    With everyone

Wedding Worthy Selfie | Selfie with the bridesmaids | Bride selfie | Newlywed Selfie |

Wedding Worthy Selfie

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Group selfie

Image courtesy of Pinterest

 Selfie Station

There’s one thing we know about selfies and that’s they’re a lot of fun. So utilise this by creating a selfie station! Instead of having a photobooth set up a tablet or smart phone in front of a backdrop of your choice, use some props and you have your own selfie station.

Wedding Worth Selfie | Bride and her bridesmaids having fun with vintage props |

Image courtesy of Laura and Mark’s Real Wedding by Algarve Wedding Photography

Wedding Worth Selfie \ Wedding Guests having fun with vinatge wedding props |

Image courtesy of Laura and Mark’s Real Wedding by Algarve Wedding Photography

Vintage Affair Photo Booth Kit | Wedding Worthy Selfie |

Featured above: Vintage Affair Photo Booth Kit

# your wedding

Your guests are likely to be taking selfies throughout the day, creating a hashtag for your guests to use is an easy way to collect everyone’s photos of your day. Think of the hashtag as an alternative to disposable cameras. Remember your hashtag will have to be unique. If you use a hashtag that is already trending, your wedding photos may get lost in the hashtag or worse, you’ll have to sift through unrelated images to find the ones you want to see.

Vintage Chalkboard Mounted On Faux Wood | Wedding Worthy Selfie |

Featured above: Vintage Chalkboard Mounted On Faux Wood

You have very little control

The downside to inviting your guests to share your day on social media is you can’t control what they share. Armed with a smartphone or tablet, everyone becomes a photographer, snapping away and sharing almost instantly. As a result, unflattering photos of you and your wedding party may end up on social media. Photographers will spend hours hand picking images to create your dream wedding album; selfies on the other hand only take seconds to share on social media.

Wedding Worth Selfie | Bridesmaids laughing at pictures on their digital camera |

Image courtesy of Catherine and Andrew’s Beautify DIY Vintage Real Wedding

Don’t leave out the not so tech-savvy

Many of your guests may not be aware of the new selfie craze or may not have Instagram and Twitter accounts. This doesn’t mean you leave them out out of the social media fun! What better way to introduce them to the world of selfies than by throwing them in the deep end and taking a picture or two with them.

Wedding Worth Selfie | Bride and Groom taking a selfie with a digital camera |

Image courtesy of Catherine and Andrew’s Beautify DIY Vintage Real Wedding

Keep it to a limit

As with everything there is a limit. If you and your guests spend most your time taking selfies and sharing them on social media, chances are you’ll be distracted and not paying attention to what is going on. Remember, social media is fun but the dark side of social media is…it’s not very social. Politely tell your guests, either in the order of service, or on a sign board that your ceremony is important to you and you would like them to give you both the attention you deserve.

Wedding Worthy Selfie | Bridesmaids taking a selfie at the ceremony |

Do you have a wedding selfie you want to share? We’d love to see your favourite selfies so please send them to editor [at] confetti [dot] co [dot] uk

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