Which Photobooth Will Suit My Wedding

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Photo booths can be a great addition to your wedding and provide fantastic entertainment for your guests. They also provide unique memories of the great time you and your guests had, which you can revisit time and time again.


So how do you choose what is right for you in a sea of styles, features and costs? Well hopefully the few pointers below from Camera Cabtastic will help.


‘I am not bothered about having a beautiful wedding’ – said no bride ever! It’s your big day, a celebration of your love, the biggest party you will ever arrange! Who wants the photo booth that looks it should be parked outside a train station in their expensive wedding venue? Fortunately like any industry, the photo booth marketplace heard your call and caters for it.

No matter what the theme or feel for your big day – barn venue, vintage/rustic, Grand Manor House or modern city venue, there will be a photo booth to compliment your unique wedding style.

Now days there is everything available from low-cost traditional passport style sit in photo booths, magic mirrors, selfie pods, funky photo booths in vehicles like camper vans and Vintage London Taxis, even a Sci-Fi Themed Police Box like the TARDIS!

What Features Does It Have?

Technology has moved a long way since the humble passport photo booth was invented. So, don’t be afraid to ask:

  • Does it do print outs and how many – 1 or 2 prints may mean your guest will be having to share their picture, which is no fun!
  • Can guests leave video messages & animated GIFs?
  • Do I get all the digital images post event?
  • Do I have a choice of backgrounds?
  • Can I have personalised print artwork & message on the prints?
  • Can my guests edit/download/share their images on the night?
  • Do guests sit inside or is it open air booth able to get your whole crew in 1 shot?
  • Is it self-service or does it come with an attendant?

There is bit of a balance to features over function, as the more options guests must work through the longer each will take using the booth. No one wants to queue at a wedding to use the photo booth, so having every bell and whistle can be counterproductive.


The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ is as true for photo booths as it is for many other things. To avoid disappointment when buying at the budget end, it pays to be a little more discerning on your choice of operator. As a general rule if the price seems too good to be true – it probably is. Bag a newbie or amateur operator and the shots may be incorrectly lit or blurry.

If budget is the over-riding factor then the news is still good. There is a vast supply of functional low-cost photo booths offered by experienced people. Traditional sit in photo booths and magic mirrors can be very cost effective to hire and still great fun.

Larger operators will more than likely have a number of custom or bespoke photo booths. The advantage of spending a little more, is not only will you be more likely to find an experienced & reliable operator, you will also have access to some unique and visually stunning photo booths, with more features and options.

One such operator is Camera Cabtastic who have an extensive range of unique photo booths to hire.

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