Your Wedding Photos – Gain That Confidence!

How to look great in your wedding photos – gain the confidence to document your life!

How to look great on wedding photos


Some women love the camera and their beauty shines through in every photo they appear in. What have these women got that so many strive for? Happiness with their appearance, confidence that they will always look good and pleasure in having all eyes on them, that’s what! This outlook on life is ready for you to take hold of, and it starts from the inside by treating your body like the proverbial temple that it is!

On your wedding day you are bound to feel a million times more beautiful than you would on any other day of the week, but that confidence to stand in front of a camera doesn’t happen by just putting on a white dress and some sparkly hair clips. Confidence is just one thing you could gain when you lose. Confidence comes from your inner self, and gaining that confidence can become an easier task when you feel good about how you look.

Lose the Anxiety, Gain the Confidence

Your wedding photos are a memento of one of the most important days of your life, they should be one of your gifts to the generations to come in your family, and something you’re excited and proud to show everyone. Think about that in terms of gaining something when you lose and know that one way to gain that pride and excitement in your photos is for you to feel happy and positive about how you appear in them.

A healthy eating and exercise plan are a great way to help you feel your very best when you step in front of that camera. Through a focused and healthy slimming plan to lose those extra pounds you don’t want, you could banish that fear of the lens and gain the confidence to stand tall and enjoy your moment in the limelight, all while looking amazing with a beautiful glow! Think about it not in pounds and inches to lose, but in the benefits you can gain – vitality, positivity, and pride in your appearance! All these will shine through in your wedding photos, giving you that “wow” factor for your special day.

When you’re happy, it will show. And not just in photos of your wedding day. The wonderful new vitality and joy will shine through long after your wedding, into your honeymoon and beyond! From your wedding day you will carry not just the wonderful memories, but a beautiful healthy glow and amazing confidence!

6 Ways to Look Great in your Wedding Photos

1.     Stand tall – posture is key to getting your body looking good in photos. Keep your shoulders back and elongate your neck.

2.     Smile with your eyes – look like you are enjoying yourself! Relax and have fun and it will shine through.

3.     Plan make-up pit stops – don’t be afraid to do a make-up check and retouch throughout the day, nobody will think you’re vain! Blotting paper and powder should be on hand at all times to reduce shine and create a perfect matte look. Also, a bit of lippy and some mascara will brighten up your whole look.

4.     Drink water throughout the day – hydration is one of the major factors in looking good in photos. You want your eyes to sparkle and your skin to look fresh when that spotlight hits you. Keep a bottle of water on hand to sip as you go.

5.     Snack! – you need to keep your energy up throughout the day. A hungry bride is not a happy bride.

6.     Be comfortable with your photographer – a professional photographer will make sure you look amazing in our photos, and by meeting with him/her once or twice before the wedding you will feel more confident to give them your trust.

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