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15 Funny Wedding Planning Quotes For The Stressed Out Bride

Wedding planning can be pretty stressful for some people, so it’s good when we can laugh at our problems. Take a break, and check out our selection of funny wedding planning quotes for the stressed out bride.

15 Funny Wedding Planning Quotes For The Stressed Out Bride | Confetti.co.ukStyle your own gorgeous Modern Fairytale wedding theme.


1) I don’t always stress out about the wedding details…

I don't always stress about the wedding details but when I do it's always at 1am when I have to be up at 6 for work | Confetti.co.uk

2) “Be strong.”

Be strong I whisper to my coffee | Confetti.co.uk

3) No cake for you.

If you haven't RSVPd yet there will be no cake for you or a seat or a meal see the pattern here | Confetti.co.uk

4) #WeddingGoals

I hope my wedding's as good as what I pinned on Pinterest | Confetti.co.uk

5) What I do have are a very particular set of skills…

If you don't RSVP on time I will look for you I will find you and I will kill you | Confetti.co.uk

6) A test of willpower:

My head says Go to the Gym my heart says Drink more Prosecco | Confetti.co.uk

7) Decisions…

Let's decide who we're inviting to our wedding and who will never speak to us again | Confetti.co.uk

8) *Chariots of Fire theme plays in the background*

If I cry at my wedding it'll be because I'm overjoyed that the planning is finally over | Confetti.co.uk

9) The “fruit salad”

I'm having a fruit salad for dinner well it's mostly grapes actually ok all grapes fermented grapes I'm having wine for dinner | Confetti.co.uk

10) Nothing like wedding planning…

There's nothing like planning a wedding to make you want to punch every person you've ever met in the throat | Confetti.co.uk

11) Oh? You forgot to RSVP?

Oh You forgot to RSVP Of course I understand About as much as you would if I had forgotton to send you an invitation | Confetti.co.uk

12) Listen. Smile. Agree.

Listen smile agree then do whatever you were going to do anyway | Confetti.co.uk

13) So…many…secret…boards…

I've discovered I'm actually planning two weddings the one inspired by Pinterest and the one I can actually afford | Confetti.co.uk

14) Just to be sure…

I never make the same mistake twice I make it five or six times just to be sure | Confetti.co.uk

15) Thank you for still wanting to marry me…

Thank you for still wanting to marry me, even though the planning is driving me crazy | Confetti.co.uk


Some brides accept wedding planning stress as “normal” and, while some brides are affected more than others, prolonged periods of stress can be very damaging to your health, your relationships, and your peace of mind. While the above quotes are great to laugh at, please don’t reach the point where you harm yourself or others due to high stress levels. Look up how to deal with wedding planning stress, work on how to de-stress during wedding planning, and don’t be ashamed of asking for a professional doctor’s help if you get too overwhelmed.

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