16 Unique Something New Ideas for Your Wedding

Something new ideas for your wedding seems like the easiest box to tick; chances are you’ll be buying everything brand new for your bridal look, from your dress, to your shoes to your jewellery.

However, if you’re a bride on a budget and planning to wear all second-hand items, or if you’re having a sustainable wedding with all things vintage, you might need some inspiration for your something new – and that’s where we come in!


You might be wearing an all new ensemble, but maybe feel this is a bit of a cop out, so from blindingly obvious items, to things you’d never thought of, here’s our comprehensive list of everything you could possible have as your something new.

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Your Wedding Dress

An obvious choice! If, like the majority of brides, you’re buying a brand new outfit for the big day, this is the easiest option for your something new (albeit not a very exciting one!)

Your Wedding Shoes

Along the same lines, a shiny new pair of shoes makes for a great something new, so long as you remember to wear them in ahead of the wedding. Nobody wants big day blisters!

Your Wedding Jewellery

Lots of brides choose their jewellery to be their something old, wearing a sentimental family heirloom, for example. However, it’s become customary in recent years for grooms to give their bride jewellery on the wedding morning, so wearing this to walk down the aisle in is a cute way to embrace the trend to wear something new.

Your Veil

No matter what style of veil you’re wearing are, it’s very likely your wedding day will be the first time you ever wear a veil, making it very new indeed!


Your Wedding Ring

We know you won’t be wearing it all day, so this isn’t a great option for very superstitious people, but your wedding ring will be extremely new on your wedding day!

Your Wedding Hair

A bit of an abstract one, but if you’re wearing your hair in a style you’ve never worn it before, your hair can easily be your something new. Which leads us onto…

Your Hair Colour

If you’ve decided to go blonder for your wedding, your fresh hair colour is an unusual thing to use as your something new.

Hair Extensions

Brides dreaming of Rapunzel length locks might decide to opt for hair extensions, and these are likely to be added to your hair just before the big day – voila, something new!

Lash Extensions

The same goes for lash extensions; newly applied fluttering lashes 100% tick the something new box!

Bridal Lipstick

Nude lipstick is an absolute staple in a bridal make up bag, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be investing in a new one ahead of the big day. Even if your make up artist is using a shade from her extensive kit, it’s likely to be the first time you wear it, so it totally counts as a something new.


Wedding Perfume

Shopping for a new fragrance is one of our favourite activities, and it becomes even more exciting when you’re looking for a wedding perfume. Whether you go for a classic scent or something nobody has ever heard of, your brand new bottle of perfume is a simple yet effective something new choice.

A New Tattoo

The last few years have seen a rising trend for matching tattoos between newlyweds; Olivia Buckland got one post-wedding, to commemorate her wedding bouquet, but getting one before the big day is an edgy way to embrace the something new tradition – and since it’ll be on your body, there’s no chance of you forgetting it on the day!

A New Piercing

A fresh piercing is a fun idea, plus it allows you to choose even more jewellery to wear on your wedding day!

Your New Name

If you’re planning on changing your name, or combining yours and your partner’s names, your name is something new that you’ll have for life! Sure, it’s not something you’re wearing, but if you’re on a strict budget, this idea can work.

Embroidery Ideas

We’ve seen some brides have their new name embroidered onto their veil – if this isn’t a cool idea, we don’t know what is.

Bridal Lingerie

We know lots of wedding dresses require you to wear no bra underneath (low back wedding dresses, we’re looking at you!), but that’s not to say you can’t invest in a sexy new set of bridal lingerie for your wedding evening, ticking the something new box.

Your New Spouse!

No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, the minute they become your husband or wife you enter a new era of your relationship – potentially the most romantic idea we’ve heard of.

With the tradition for something new sorted, check out more wedding traditions you might not know about.


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