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25 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

The cost of weddings is steadily on the rise. Early reports indicate that the average wedding budget teeters around the £30,000 mark, so for those of us not exactly flush with spare cash to splash, saving is key! Here are 25 ways to save money on your wedding day! Genius!

1. Consider Less Popular Dates

If you’re not overtly superstitious, you should be able to snatch up a less-than-popular wedding date for a bargain. Most people avoid Friday the 13ths and April Fool’s Day. Also consider a weekday wedding, but give your guests plenty notification in case they’ll need to book the day off.


2. Cover the Cost of Your Table Linen

Many hire companies and hotels periodically have sales to shift old, but usable table linens. Buy your linen for cheap and resell it after your wedding.

3. DIY the Right Stuff

What Not to DIY for Your Wedding

By DIY-ing what you can (& what you should) you’ll leave plenty of room in your budget for splashing out on the things that really matter. Check out our list of what not to DIY for your wedding.

4. Negotiate Gracefully

Suppliers are more likely to offer you the best price if they think they’re not your first choice. Although, not typically part of the British culture, there’s nothing wrong with haggling and negotiating gracefully to keep your wedding on budget. Tips on how to negotiate a price for your wedding venue.

5. Bake Off Your Buffet

Get relatives, friends and wedding guests to bring a homemade dessert to your reception and have a bake-off for your dessert table. You and your fella could even dress as Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood for the big taste test!

6. Stay in the Know

Subscribe to supplier newsletters before you book with them and keep your eyes open for exclusive bargains.

7. Put Your Guests to Work

Disposable cameras allow wedding guests to be the photographer.
Disposable cameras available in a variety of colours and patterns from £3.59 on Confetti.co.uk

One of the best things about a wedding is how the day unfolds for your guests, the wedding party and for the happy couple. Every group has a slightly different experience–allow your guests to capture their viewpoint of your special day by kitting each reception table out with a few disposable cameras! You can save on the cost of a photographer this way; just don’t forget to put the cost of developing the film into the budget!

8. Balance the Booze Budget

Spirits and liquor can be pricey; keep the costs down and keep your guests hydrated with beer and wine instead.

Italian wine for wedding guests
Photo courtesy of Veeno Wine Cafe

9. Share Your Experience

Many suppliers offer discounts for brides and grooms willing to leave honest reviews of their products or services on websites. Discuss this option with your supplier, but remember good reviewing ethics–be honest and be fair!

10. Keep it in the Family

New wedding rings can carry a high price tag; save your budget for the must-haves and opt to wear a ring that’s a family heirloom instead of a newly cut diamond. Vintage rings that have been passed down through your family tend to be a lot more personal and romantic.

11. Save on Favours

Instead of creating or purchasing a favour for each wedding guest, give favours that can be shared per couple.

Save money on wedding favours by giving one per couple.
Wedding favours from Confetti.co.uk, left to right: Bear Hug Salt and Pepper Shakers, Mini Gumball Machine, Mini Cheese Grater

12. Give Vows at Dawn

Okay, probably not as soon as the sky breaks and the sun rises, but weddings held in the morning can help you save a few quid! Especially if you have a breakfast or brunch buffet for your main meal–the cost of eggs and sausage is considerably cheaper than steak and chicken!

13. Let Them Eat Veggies

Starting things off with a meat-based starter and then presenting a menu of vegetarian-friendly dishes is the perfect way to please your guests, fill their tummies and keep your pennies in your pocket!

Fill your guests with lots of veggies!
Photo courtesy of Cruickshank’s Catering

14. Keep it Fake

The cost of real flowers can be a joke, especially when you consider the short amount of time they last! Silk flowers are the perfect alternative for a lasting, beautiful bouquet that won’t cost the earth.

15. Bag a Bargain Dress

Scout out trunk shows and sample sales at your local bridal boutiques–they’re the perfect place to bag a bargain on a designer frock!

16. Come to Term with the Terms

It’s not unusual for venues to charge for necessary components of your day such as the cutting of the cake and corkage, the cost associated with opening bottles of wine. Know the terms of your contract up front before you shell out ££s to have corks removed from bottles of wine. Test your knowledge of key wedding industry terms with our wedding jargon buster:

Wedding Jargon Buster Free Download | Confetti.co.uk

17. Stick with the Season

Flowers are at their most expensive when they’re purchased out of season. Before you settle on your dream bouquet, do a bit of research into which flowers will be in bloom when you’re due to get married. Then choose these flowers to fill your bouquet; you’ll save loads!

18. Hire an Amateur Photographer

Save money on your wedding by hiring an amateur photographer.

Trainee photography students or amateurs are excellent alternatives to pricey professional photographers and they often have the same eye for detail! Head to your local uni and scout out suitable candidates; you’ll save loads and the students will be thankful for the experience. You may even be able to hire multiple photographers for the price of one professional!

19. Wait on the Waiters

People tend to over imbibe at weddings, especially when they’re in charge of pouring their own bevvy’s. The best way to keep the cost down is to have waiters pour drinks at your sit down meal.

20. Re-purpose your Flowers

Your guests will only be in one room at a time. Save the flower arrangements from your ceremony and re-purpose them for your reception. No one will ever know and you’ll save a bundle, especially if you use fresh cut blooms!

21. Go Back to School

Similar to the amateur photographers, hiring hair and beauty students to do the hair and make up for the bride and bridesmaids is a fantastic way to keep the cost down! Get in touch with a reputable beauty college in your area to see if there are any students interested in a bit of work experience. Don’t forget to arrange for a trial before the big day so you can be sure of the quality of their work!

22. Wedding + Honeymoon =?

Save money on your wedding ceremony and honeymoon by having a destination wedding abroad.

Combine your wedding and your honeymoon into one elaborate event called a destination wedding. You’ll get to have a wedding on a pretty much guaranteed sunny day and enjoy the beach for your dream honeymoon, too. Destination weddings are some of the most popular for UK brides and grooms, costing around £5,000! Browse hundreds of destination wedding providers.

23. Get the Gift of a Honeymoon

If your budget can’t stretch to the wedding of your dreams and a honeymoon, consider asking your guests to send you on your hols, instead! With companies like Buy Our Honeymoon, your guests to can put cash toward your dream honeymoon.

24. Protect Yourself with Insurance

It might seem unnecessary on the service, but taking out wedding insurance is one of the smartest moves you can make! It’ll keep you covered in case of an accident and means you won’t lose your deposit if you have to change dates or if anything goes wrong in the run up to your wedding.

25. Get the Whole Day for Free

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