The Best UK Wedding Transportation Ideas |

5 of the Best UK Wedding Transportation Ideas

We asked some of our brides what their plans were for their wedding transport, and the results were a little bit surprising. There are various reasons why a couple may decide to hire a wedding car—chief among them being that they want to splash out a little for the big day. In fact, almost 80% of the brides we surveyed said they’ll be hiring a car. Therefore, here are 5 of the best UK wedding transportation ideas, according to our brides.

The Best UK Wedding Transportation Ideas |
Above, image courtesy of Alpha Class Wedding Cars

 1) Traditional, Classic Car

It’s no surprise that the biggest fraction of our brides are thinking about a traditional car for their wedding. They’re as popular as ever and can look very sleek and elegant; they create a beautiful finishing touch to your big day.


Classic Wedding Cars |
Above, image courtesy of A.T Beauford Wedding Cars

2) Modern Car

Coming in second were modern cars. Modern cars may not be as flashy, but they usually cost a lot less to hire than a classic or vintage car. The spectrum of modern cars is huge, too—consider 4x4s or high-end Bentleys.

Modern Wedding Cars |
Above, images courtesy of 4×4 Vehicle Hire and Birmingham Chauffeurs

3) Horse and Buggy

The go-to option for your perfect fairytale wedding, a horse and buggy or horse and carriage came third with our brides. This transportation option is an enchanting idea and perfect for any horse lover.

Horse and Carriage |
Above, images courtesy of Sherwood Carriages

4) Boat

Surprisingly, some of our brides reported they will be leaving their wedding by boat! This is such a romantic idea—imagine a canal boat or small rowing boat on a lake. Beautiful!

Wedding Rowboat |
Above, “Row Away” Wedding Couple In Rowboat Cake Topper

5) Train

Finally, some of our brides may be leaving their wedding by train! Consider renting a small carriage on a train and making your way from your wedding through beautiful swathes of countryside.

Wedding Train |
Above, image courtesy of Pinterest

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