5 Things You Should Not DIY For Your Wedding

Today we’re going to list 5 important things you should not DIY for your wedding.While we champion our brides who want to add a personal touch or save money by doing a little DIY for their wedding, we cannot stress enough how important it is to leave some things to the professionals. Working out what you can and can’t DIY is simple there’s only one rule: if you can do it beforehand at home then go for it. For example your invitations and favours can all be made months in advance; but if it’s something that has to be done on the day such as coordinating, photography and catering we highly recommend you don’t attempt any of these tasks yourself.

5 Things You Should Not DIY For Your Wedding | Confetti.co.uk


Wedding Coordinating

What not to DIY | WEdding Coordinator | Confetti.co.uk

Above, Confetti.co.uk’s rustic wedding theme collection

So, you’ve planned your big day for months even years, you’ve organised every detail and envisioned exactly how your day will proceed with the help of your trusted family and friends. But no matter how organised you are there is always a possibility of things going wrong and by hiring a professional to coordinate the day you will reduce the chances of your event looking disorganised and hectic. Any mishaps or hiccups will be resolved without you even having to lift a finger. With a dedicated planner ensuring your day runs smoothly, your wedding will look and feel exactly how you imagined.

 Your Wedding Dress

What not to DIY | Wedding dress alterations | Confetti.co.uk

Image courtesy of Joanna and Jayke’s real wedding

You may be a dab hand when it comes to sewing on a button but unless you’re a professional seamstress, never attempt to make alterations to your or your bridesmaids’ dresses. In many cases, the results can be permanent and could ruin the dress completely. If your bridal boutique offers a tailoring service, take it; their professional team will be able to make your dress look and feel like it was made for you. If you’re buying a dress off the rail and find it needs amending here and there, find a professional tailor. The last thing you want is to ruin your dream dress.

Your Hair

What not to DIY | Bridal Hair | Confetti.co.uk

Image courtesy of Becki and Rob’s real wedding

With millions of hair tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube it’s become extremely popular for many brides to attempt to recreate the look for their big day; the only problem is creating elaborate and elegant hair styles can be tricky, and trying to get the same look may not be as easy as you first thought. Hiring a professional stylist will ensure your hair looks exactly how you want it, front and back. Remember, during the ceremony you will have your back to your guests so looking amazing from behind is vital. This is one occasion you can’t afford a bad hair day.

Your Wedding Photos

What not to DIY | Wedding Photography | Confetti.co.uk

Above, Vintage disposal camera

Now a days we all know someone with a professional camera, a popular Instagram feed and an eye for detail, but when it comes to your big day remember you’re only going to have one chance to capture those special moments you will cherish. Hiring a professional photographer, who understands lighting, timing, angles and most importantly weddings will guarantee your wedding photos flow with the emotions and moments you will treasure for a life time.

Your Wedding Food

What not to DIY | Wedding food | Confetti.co.uk

Wedding food is something we all expect to be as delightful as the rest of the occasion. Even though your mum or mother-in-law may make a mean roast, when it comes to feeding 50 or more guests, the wedding food is best left to the professionals. Catering for such large numbers requires experience, know-how, skills and most importantly equipment. Your caterers will know exactly the amount they will need to cook, where to source the best ingredients and will be able to create a menu that is as beautiful and unique as you and your spouse. So give your guests something to rave about and leave your wedding food to the experts.

However, if you’ve got the DIY bug and can’t resist splashing your ceremony and reception with a couple of handmade pieces, browse our DIY projects and take your pick: https://www.confetti.co.uk/inspiration/wedding-diy/

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