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6 Reasons Why Your Wedding Vehicle Should be a Motorcycle

From limousines to vintage cars, your choice of transport makes a big statement, so why just arrive with class when you could also arrive in style? After all, what could make your wedding day even more memorable than enjoying the thrill of racing from the church to your reception venue on a gleaming classic motorcycle with your new spouse? Guest Blogger Sabrina Bucknole shows us why your wedding vehicle should be a motorcycle.

Why Your Wedding Vehicle Should be a Motorcycle | Confetti.co.uk

If you are not a speed freak, then a beautiful vintage bike and sidecar still gives you the thrill of the ride, without getting your dress dirty! But being a biker bride is not just about the vehicle, it’s a whole style and attitude that can bring a great twist to your special day. This guide will reveal the six best reasons to forego tradition and add some burning rubber to the confetti and champagne of your big day.


1. Make a statement

No matter your theme, everyone wants their wedding to have that extra “special something”. As millions of people now head to Pinterest to look for that picture-perfect idea, things that once seemed very quirky, like arriving on a London bus or in a classic car, are becoming increasingly common. Even so, the number of people who choose a motorcycle is still very small, so why not seize your opportunity and make a statement of your individuality.

As much as a motorcycle says about you, having an unusual vehicle is also a lot of fun for your guests. Don’t be surprised to see a long line of children (as well as dads, uncles, and cousins) forming as soon as you get off the motorcycle – not to only see you, but to pose for selfies next to the bike!

Why Your Wedding Vehicle Should be a Motorcycle | Confetti.co.uk

2. Wedding convoy

Riding a motorcycle to your reception is a cool idea, but if you really want to make an impression, you will need more than one. By renting a number of bikes with sidecars, the best man and the bridesmaids can join in the fun as you form a wedding convoy!

Having the convoy coordinated and complementing the day is important, but so is safety. It is important to remember that a convoy would only work if the riders were prepared with the correct licence and insurance. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be fun – perhaps the groom could replace his stag night with a series of riding lessons for the groom and his party.

Scooter motorcycle wedding transport | Confetti.co.uk

3. Put your heads together

Since you are bringing something unique to your wedding day, why not try and take some inspiration from the motorcycles to add a few extra special touches? For example, you could skip the plain guest book. After all the fun is over, it is likely to sit in the back of the cupboard and be forgotten. Instead, make a statement by inviting your guests to write their messages on your safety helmets, making for a trendy and unique memento of the day.

Why Your Wedding Vehicle Should be a Motorcycle | Confetti.co.uk

4. Rockstar style

Forget table decorations and other traditional details, one of the most stylish ways to celebrate your marriage is to splash out on a pair of his and hers leather jackets that read “Just Married” across the back. As the night wears on, the jackets will find a practical use – especially if your venue is outside.

Perhaps the best is yet to come as you don’t have to stop wearing it once the day is over. Taking the jackets with you to wear on your honeymoon will not only make every moment a wonderful photo opportunity, they are also sure to get you both plenty of attention! If it’s good enough for Kim and Kanye, it’s good enough for you

Why Your Wedding Vehicle Should be a Motorcycle | Confetti.co.uk

5. Hollywood ending

If your partner is a film fan it is likely that they grew up watching Steve McQueen in “The Great Escape” or Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. The reason these films are naturally stylish and cool is as much down to the incredible bikes as the action heroes riding them. Now imagine how great you and your partner will look as you ride off into the sunset together on an iconic Harley Davidson. It’s a magic movie moment just waiting to happen!

 Bride and groom lace and pearl detail dress back | Confetti.co.uk

6. All about you

Whether you choose to go all out and arrange a hardcore biker theme with customised bandanas printed with the bride and groom’s names, or keep it simple and ride in on a pair of pastel coloured scooters, the most important thing is that the style reflects your personality and theme – it is your big day after all!

Much like how the bouquet must complement the dress, or how the tie must match the suit, the vehicles you choose to make your big entrance must also complement the nature of your wedding, so be sure to choose your bikes wisely.

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