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Ask Kate is the home of our wedding expert and agony aunt, Kate Thompson. She was recently asked a question about bridal car and taxi hire for a wedding with a low budget. Here is her answer and several ideas for how to have a lower cost wedding car in the form of a stylish taxi or an even more cost-effective alternative.Portsmouth Wedding Taxis

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“We don’t want to spend a lot on cars, but then again I don’t really want to go to my wedding in an ordinary taxi. Would I be right in thinking that there is such a thing as taxi companies, that only drive the top of the range cars and do these cars have more room inside? Or are there any other ways I can get to the ceremony in style without spending hundreds of pounds?”


Yes, there are some taxi companies that offer large top-of-the-range cars, and there are also actual wedding taxi companies too. Check out executive taxi companies in your area.

You have a few other options for your wedding transport, depending on your budget and style:

  • An iconic London taxi cab will be lower in price than a horse-drawn carriage or limo. Stylish, spacious and perfect for Londoners or a London based wedding. We highly recommend Portsmouth Wedding Taxis.
  • Do you have a friend or relative with a posh car? Ask if they’d lend it to you for your wedding, or even drive it for you. It would save you on hire costs and mean they get to give you a fabulous wedding present – so it’s a win/win and they’d probably be flattered if you asked them.
  • If it’s a short walk and a sunny day, walk to the ceremony with your bridal party as brides did before cars were invented. You’ll get to the church without any nerves after a stroll in the sunshine, waving to locals as you go. Invest in some ivory wedding brollies and pack a spare pair of shoes though… just in case.
  • For eco-brides wanting to make a statement, get your hands on a tandem that you ride (dress-permitting only!) to the ceremony with your father, and back to the reception with your new husband!

I hope that helps and that you have a wonderful wedding!

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