Bam-BOOZE-le Your Wedding Guests with Help from Smith & Sinclair

Unique experiences can make sure your wedding is one to remember, it can change the atmosphere, capture guests’ excitement and inspire curiosity by engaging their senses, but how can you do this without breaking the bank or going through unwanted logistical turmoil?

At Smith & Sinclair we love coming up with the most wonderful boozy creations from premium flavoured Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies and unique immersive experiences. So, cancel that gin bar and get ready to pimp your Prosecco, we are here to share top tips to ensure your wedding is unforgettable for all the right reasons!


Create that WOW moment with your drinks

If you really want to wow your guests, then why not take your drinks up a gear and offer something more than the traditional red, white and sparkling – how about creating a garnish station for example? It’s simple, fun and creates a talking point for guests. All you need to do is place an array of edible garnishes on tables or on the bar and let your guests go wild with their own creations.

Guests can add their own twist to a glass of fizz or spirit with our F.I.Z.Z tablets (how does Peach Bellini, Rhubarb Mimosa or Elderflower Spritz sound?), pretty garnishes such as glitter or garden herbs, or maybe event giant ice cubes which not only keep your drinks colder for longer, without diluting them, but they look great too. The water is probably free, so you can splash out on fun things to include such as glitter, herbs or what about flower petals that match your bridal posy? This one is totally low-cost but really packs a visual punch.

At Smith & Sinclair we decided to take the idea of edible cocktail garnishes one step further and created an edible garnish spray for your drinks to add a super, stylist twist! Blended with handpicked fruits & flowers like a traditional fragrance, it can also be worn on the skin and be licked off. We don’t make the rules!

Give your wedding favours a boozy twist

With all the time and effort required to prepare for your wedding, finding the best wedding favours should be straightforward and stress-free, but we all know it’s not! What do you go for? Something memorable? Something sentimental? Something handmade? All of the aforementioned are great, but let’s face it, handmade gifts take more time than most of us have and memorable gifts can make a real dent in the budget without you really knowing if the guests will treasure them as much as you do.

So how about a favour that’s fun, frivolous and utterly delicious? At Smith & Sinclair we have created a range of Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies, mixed like a traditional cocktail with fresh fruit, herbs, premium spirits, syrups and then coated with garnish infused sugars, but rather than drinking this cocktail, you consume it in two bites. Plus, each gummy is equivalent to ½ shot of alcohol, which means these wedding favours are sure to get the party started.

You could theme each table around a certain cocktail (hands up who wants to be on the Mocha Espresso Martini table!), or maybe just put a bowl in the middle to create an edible centre piece?

Check out our full range by visiting our site.

Turn the idea of drinking into something spectacular!

Magicians, guitar players, dance troops – most guests have seen it all. But what about entertainment that transports them to a world of taste, touch, smell and play?

Now this is a game-changer – how about making cocktails into bubbles? Smith & Sinclair’s edible bubble machine is an instant party starter which can immediately engage guests, no matter their age. Available in an array of flavours including citrus, chocolate milkshake, and tonic or even a bespoke flavour made just for you! This immersive experience will add a layer of joy to any event.

But if bubbles aren’t your bag, what about an edible mystical mist? The Vapour Orb is the showstopper for all events – an inhalable cocktail, in the form of a dry ice flavour explosion, removes all traditional ways of serving a cocktail, including swapping taste for scent. Once served a beautiful mist appears from the cocktail pot making it an eye-catching moment for everyone in the room. It is not only a new way to taste a flavour, which can be pretty much anything you wish, but an Instagramable moment to say the least.

Finally, if you have a sweet tooth, the Sherbet Wall provides a fun twist on a childhood classic. The four-tube wall can be delivered in any flavour possible, from classics such as strawberry to something slightly more unique or seasonal such as cranberries or even Christmas cake! The Sherbet Wall gives your guests the chance to relive their childhood experiences in the local sweetshop and customise their own test tubes or bag of sherbet to taste and take-away with them. This unique, innovative food and take-away element will add a great visual aspect to your event.

Smith & Sinclair will be in the luxury section of the National Wedding Show in Olympia, London from 20th -22nd September 2019. Come and check us out at stand A8 where we will be demonstrating some of our services and giving away lots of samples for you to try!

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