Best Wedding Movies Of All Time!

We all love to watch a good wedding, and that explains the popularity of the wedding movies across the years! Hollywood made it really big in the 1950s, with stars like Elizabeth Taylor in the original Father of the Bride, and Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – all the way to the present day with romantic comedies ruling the screen. Here is a list of the best wedding movies, as suggested by our forum and Facebook members! Please note, some trailers have advertisements at the beginning.

The Wedding Singer


Set in the 1980s, a story of two people about to marry the wrong people. Awesome music, Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, and a rapping granny!

27 Dresses

A huge case of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” for Katherine Heigl, but not just THREE times, oh no – 27 of them! And do you know what she does with all the dresses in the end? We’re not telling – you have to see it for yourself!

The Wedding Planner

Jennifer Lopez is the wedding planner in the title, she’s single and believes in true love. She also doesn’t recommend teal (“the colour of gangrene” in her own words) as a colour for the bridesmaids’ dresses! There is also a tango. Watch it.

Father of the Bride

There are two – the original with Elizabeth Taylor as the bride, and the remake with Steve Martin as the father. This is a weepie for the girls who like to see the wedding from a different perspective (even if their own father is nothing like Steve Martin!)

My Best Friend’s Wedding

The best friend in this case is Julia Roberts’s best MALE friend, who has just told her he’s getting married. Her response? “I’ve got exactly four days to break up a wedding, steal the bride’s fella and I haven’t one clue how to do it!” Sums it up really!

Runaway Bride

Another Julia Roberts classic (that girl gets to wear a lot of wedding gowns!), where she plays a girl who just can’t make it to “I do” – running away at the crucial moment every single time! This movie was famous for bringing Julia and Richard Gere together once again, still fondly remembered for being the golden couple from Pretty Woman. This line had us laughing for hours – Julia has just hopped onto a FedEx truck to run away from one of her weddings, one guest says “where is she going?”, and another replies, “I don’t know, but she’ll get there tomorrow by 10am!”

Bride Wars

Two childhood friends, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, have always wanted to have their wedding only at the Plaza Hotel in New York and to be each other’s bridesmaid! Except… you can’t do that if their weddings are on the same day. What will the girls do?


One of the biggest movie hits of 2011, written by girls for girls, it’s all about the bridesmaids and what they have to do to get the bride to the altar safely and in one piece. Several guys have even admitted to liking it!

Sex and the City – The Movie

If you were getting married, and Vogue called to do a cover story about your wedding planning, and then Vivienne Westwood gave you a dress as a present – you’d love it too! Ultimately, it’s about not losing your mind over the wedding. No matter what you think of the show, the movie is actually great!

Four Weddings and a Funeral

An absolute classic, and if you haven’t seen it, you simply must! Among other things it has Hugh Grant, someone called Duck Face, Mr Bean as the vicar (“your awful wedded wife”), and four weddings and a funeral of course!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula (Nia Vardalos) is Greek and unmarried at 30 – shock horror! Then she gets engaged – to a guy who isn’t Greek. Then her family has something to say about it. Then you have to go watch it because it’s hilarious! Opa!

Mamma Mia

Famous actors can’t sing? So what! The movie is still great! Not to mention, the location will have you considering a wedding abroad for sure! And Meryl Streep – let’s face it, she just can’t do wrong!

Monster in Law

In this one Jennifer Lopez plays the bride-to-be… and Jane Fonda turns out to be her future mother-in-law! If you think that’s a good thing… “and the driver’s top-hat will match the horses’ saddles and the ribbons on the doves that will be released at the exact moment of ‘I do’, hmm?” – and many more like this!

The Princess Bride

Robin Wright and Cary Elwes prove that true love conquers all in this tale of evil princes, wrestling giants, skilled swordsmen and clever magic tricks. And the dresses Princess Buttercup gets to wear are to die for!

Which ones are your favourites – let us know!

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