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Bridal Request: Wedding Planning Help from Real Brides

You found the love of your life and now there’s a ring around your finger, signifying to the world that soon enough, you’ll be a newlywed. At the beginning, everything about a wedding fills you with complete happiness. In the early stages, you spend ages texting your best friend about wedding ideas, debating colour schemes and remembering all those childhood fantasies of your perfect wedding day.

But there comes a point in the wedding planning process when the thought of cake samples, caterer tasting sessions and floral arrangements will nearly push you over the edge. Anyone who has planned a wedding has been there. It’s not fun and that’s exactly why we’ve created #bridalrequest, to provide you with a platform for finding help when you’re in the throes of planning and need it the most!


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How do I get involved?

#bridalrequest is available on all of our social media platforms as well as in our forum. Getting involved is easy! Here’s how:

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Are there any rules?

We don’t like to put limits on #bridalrequests so feel free to ask questions about whatever is troubling you! Our policy (where possible) is to make #bridalrequests anonymous, unless they come in through Twitter, in which case, we just retweet your tweet. We have had questions about intimate, personal matters as well as everyday problems; there’s no need to feel embarrassed; we’re here to help!

Please note, that if we are made aware of any illegal activity or activity that puts someone in danger through the course of a #bridalrequest we are obligated to notify the appropriate authorities.

#bridalrequest is for any bride or groom or member of the wedding party; so if you’ve got an issue or concern you’d like help with, ask it! We kindly ask that other wedding industry professionals do not answer #bridalrequest queries with marketing links. The point is for brides to talk to brides; at no point do we want our brides-to-be to feel like they’re being sold to!

What happens when I submit a #bridalrequest?

It depends on how you submit your request to us. If you submit through Twitter or Instagram, your request will be shared within 48 hours. Email and Facebook submissions will take considerably longer to process as they will need to be scheduled. We’ll send you a date and time when your request goes live along with a link so you can view it and read all of your responses. Every other Saturday, we will devote the entire day to #bridalrequests on our Facebook page.

Who answers #bridalrequests?

Our brides-to-be! But, when the requests are a bit more detailed or would be better suited when answered by a professional, we give our #bridalrequest experts the chance to answer them first! Our current experts are:

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