Creative Ideas for Your Something Old

While finding an item to be your something new is easy, and something blue is a walk in the park, finding an item to tick the something old box at your wedding is an altogether trickier task.

It makes sense that your something old be a sentimental item or a family heirloom, but that’s often covered by the something borrowed tradition!


We know that lots of brides struggle deciding what to have as their something old, so we compiled a guide to choosing yours, from traditional items to things you’d never thought of.

The Meaning of Something Old

The tradition originates from an Old English rhyme, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”— which names the good-luck objects a bride should include somewhere in her wedding outfit or carry with her on her wedding day.

In the past including “something old” was thought of as a way to ward off the Evil Eye and protect any future children the couple might have, but since we’ve all become a bit less superstitious, nowadays it represents continuity.

Now you know where something old comes from, read on for our something old ideas.

Traditional Something Old Ideas

A classic choice for your something old is a family heirloom, for example your grandma’s diamond earrings or the necklace your mother wore on her wedding day – this is especially sentimental if they can’t be with you on their wedding day.

If you have a brooch belonging to one of your grandparents, or even a pendant from a necklace, lots of people like to thread these onto their bouquet for a discreet tribute to lost loved ones that also acts as a something old. This is a heartfelt way for them to be with you on your wedding day.

You could even attached your grandfather’s wedding ring to your bouquet to honour him on your wedding day, having a piece of him with you as you walk down the aisle.

If your engagement ring has been passed down through the generations, then you’ve always got the box ticked!

Sticking with the jewellery theme, if you have a necklace or ring that your partner gave you during your relationship, this is a lovely something old for your wedding day, as well as being a reminder of all the time you’ve spent together.

Unusual Something Old Ideas

For a more unique idea, some brides like to sew sections of  meaningful fabric into the inside of their wedding dress – for example, a section of material from your mother’s wedding dress could be sewn onto the inside of your own dress, or if your dad has a handkerchief, a square of this could be sewn into your skirt.

This is a personal idea that only you will know about, making it extra special.

Another great way to include your mother or grandma’s wedding dress at your own wedding is to use the material to make bunting to string up in your venue – making sure they’re happy with this first, of course!

Photos from years gone by are a great something old idea; either wear an old photo in a locket, or create a bouquet charm from a photo for an easy way to embrace something old.

Something old needn’t necessarily mean an heirloom passed down through the generations.

If you’ve got a favourite pair of shoes that you love wearing, pick them as your bridal shoes – not only have you ticked your something old box, your bridal footwear is sorted too – and you know they’ll be comfortable to dance the night away in.

Nobody said your something old had to be a physical item. With this in mind, a whole host of new ideas spring up.

Perfume is a great something old idea. A sentimental touch on your big day is to wear the same perfume your mum or grandma wore on their wedding day – a new bottle of course, as perfume does have limited shelf life.

Alternatively, rather than choosing a new wedding fragrance, wearing your signature scent that you’ve worn for years can definitely count as your something old for your wedding day. If it’s one you wear frequently, it’s sure to be associated with lots of memories that are unlocked every time you open the bottle.

Similarly, if like us, you change your favourite perfume every few years, wearing the fragrance you wore when you first met your partner is the perfect quirky something old idea.

Keeping on the make up train of thought, wearing your favourite shade of lipstick on your wedding day is definitely a valid something old idea -we’ve been wearing MAC Velvet Teddy for years and think that totally qualifies it as something old!

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to find your perfect something old idea now, so it’s on to the next piece of wedmin… how to change your name once you’re married.

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