Five Ways to Save Money on Your Big Day

Chances are, you’re dreaming big when it comes to your wedding day. From an Instagram-worthy flower wall, to dress changes on the day or a tiara fit for a princess – it’s once in a lifetime after all! But all of this comes with a hefty price tag.  Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of five ways to save money on your big day whilst still getting the wedding of your dreams! 

Attend The National Wedding Show

Want to stretch your wedding budget without compromising? Attending The National Wedding Show means you get access to exclusive offers from hundreds of leading wedding suppliers. Many suppliers only have these special offers on during the shows, saving you money on your venue, your dress, honeymoon & much more. 


Skip a Summer or Weekend Wedding

If you would consider a weekday wedding or a wedding falling outside of the summer months, you can save big time on your venue. Most venue prices will vary by season or day of the week and it can sometimes save you thousands of pounds. And who’s to say a Saturday wedding in July is the only way to go? Winter weddings have their own kind of magic; from serving mulled wine to cosying up by the fire. 

Play the Priority Game

Once you’ve decided on your wedding budget, sit down with your partner and talk about priorities. What are you happy to compromise on? By organising things in order of importance to you both, you can get a better idea of the big picture and plan accordingly. If your dream venue comes first, then maybe you can have a smaller guest list or if it’s important for you to get your dream dress, maybe you can DIY a lot of the décor. 

Stay in the Know

Many suppliers have a newsletter sign-up option on their website. Make sure you sign-up to these to stay in the know of upcoming exclusive offers. Keep your eye out on their social media too and give them a follow to be the first in line. Don’t be afraid to reach out to potential suppliers and be honest about your budget, they can sometimes adapt the packages you see on their website to fit your big day. 

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

You know the saying, dress to impress. Never have truer words been spoken, especially when it comes to your wedding. But jewellery as we all know is a costly purchase and if you want to treat yourself to some gorgeous diamond earrings or a princess tiara for your big day for example, renting your jewellery is a great option. Only downside? You’ll have to return it!

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