Fun Ways to Decorate the Wedding Car

Decorating the wedding car can be a lot of fun. Here’s how to enhance it without going overboard, and where you can get those all-important car ribbons, stickers, signs and other accessories to create a wedding car that is unique and special for the happy couple on their big day. 

Just married wedding carAbove: “Just Married” License Plates and Just Fluff Coloured Plastic Poms


For the ceremony

An elegant classic look is best for the car before the wedding, something understated and in keeping with the tone of the service. Ivory or coloured ribbons, flowers and bows elegantly tied to the car are a great touch but do try not to overdo it, remember sometimes ‘less is more’.  Decorate the car in your wedding colour scheme with a bow or ribbon the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses or in a neutral shade such as white, ivory, silver or gold.

Car Decoration - Wedding Cars KentAbove: Wedding Car Decorations, as seen by Kent Wedding Cars

For the reception and after

This is where the fun really begins and you and can get creative with a classic  ‘Just Married’ sign or have one personalised especially for the happy couple. Go wild with decorative ribbons, love hearts and flowers as long as you’re sure they will like that. Remember that safety comes first though. Don’t decorate the car in any way that could endanger the newlyweds. Don’t block the driver’s view with window dressing or obstruct the tyres with too much tied to the back of the car. Wedding Car Decorations - ColourfulAbove, from top-right: Coloured Poly Ribbon Pull Bows | Just Fluff Coloured Plastic Poms | Tulle by the Roll

Ribbons can be used before and after the ceremony. They should probably be at least 2 inches thick or they might be too thin to make an impression. After the ceremony, you could stream them from the back of the car to add to the effect.

Flowers are perfect tied to the bonnet, on the roof, or simply to decorate the inside of the car. Write on the car windscreens, with the permission of the car owner, for an extra special finishing touch. Without blocking any views, write the names of the newlyweds on the back window with love hearts all around. And no wedding car would be complete without tin cans on a string tied to the rear bumper of the car…

Decorating the Wedding Car - Alpha Class and Decoration Pack and Liquid ChalkAbove, a selection of wedding car decorations (and wedding cars by Alpha Class Wedding Cars), including: Wedding Car Decoration PackColoured Poly Ribbon Pull Bows | Balloons | Liquid Chalk Wedding Marker

Wedding car decorations wouldn’t be complete without a ‘Just Married’ sign, and these come in various forms. It could be a licence plate with ‘Just Married’ on it, a bumper sticker, a window sticker, or even just something written on the back window with a liquid chalk wedding marker. You can find all these car ribbons, signs and more in the Confetti Shop. Just married car signAbove: Double Heart Decorative Form | Single Heart Decorative Form   Are you looking for wedding cars or transport? Take a look at our suppliers in the directory! And for even more wedding car decorations you can look in the Confetti shop. Also, if you wish to discuss this topic or any other you can also pop into the Confetti forums and speak to hundreds of our brides.

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