Fun Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Confetti

We’re big believers that it’s not a wedding without confetti, but for many couples it’s an after thought.

However, after paying so much attention to detail with every other aspect of your wedding, it makes sense to put some thought into your confetti too.


The Confetti Cone Company has a whole host of ways you can personalise your wedding confetti; read on to discover more.


Confetti Cones

Confetti cones are a lovely way to hand your confetti to your guests and there are so many ways you can personalise them to make them fit the theme of your wedding.

Cones can have your name and wedding date printed on, your initials, or even your wedding logo. You can choose the font you want used, and even the colour of the font – it’s all these little touches that will make your wedding day extra special.

If you have an illustration design running throughout your stationery suite, it’s the perfect thing to have printed on your confetti cones.


Confetti Envelopes

Confetti envelopes are little sealed sachets of confetti – ideal if it’s forecast to be wet on your wedding, as it will stop the petals from blowing away.

This can be personalised with a sticker on the front, perhaps with your names, initials and wedding date. You can also add an insert inside the pack if you want to say a little more – perhaps a thanks to your guests for coming or a lyric that means a lot to you as a couple.

The confetti inside can be matched to your colour scheme too, for an extra touch.


Confetti Wands

For something extra unique, look no further than confetti wands. They’re used like an actual magic wand, to sprinkle confetti from high above – a good option if you don’t want to actually hold the petals in your hands.

These too can be personalised with your initials.


Confetti Jars

Confetti jars are a cute keepsake for your guests from the day; once the petals have been scattered the jars can act as favours – personalise them with your names, or a cute quote.

Confetti Itself

The simplest way to personalise your confetti is with the petals themselves! Choose colours that correspond with your theme, or match the colour of the petals to the flowers in your bouquet.

Visit The Confetti Cone Company to check out all of their biodegradable confetti options, and head to The National Wedding Show to see all the confetti you could ever dream of in person.

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