Green Weddings Ideas with Woodland Trust |

Green Wedding Ideas from the Woodland Trust

If you’re an eco-conscious couple looking for green wedding ideas and ethical, ecological ways to help save the planet at your wedding, here’s a meaningful alternative to traditional wedding favours for your guests.

Green Weddings Ideas from the Woodland Trust | Wedding Favours

How many people actually ever eat the sugared almond favours at weddings? The Woodland Trust offers an ecologically sound alternative to throw-away wedding favours by giving you the opportunity to dedicate a tree or area of woodland for your wedding. So many trees are cut down every year to make paper and the production of paper based products pollutes the environment. If you want to make an ethical eco-conscious choice then you can go one step further than sending recycled or paper-free invitations by making a dedication and actually helping the Woodland Trust to protect, restore and create woods.


Green Weddings Ideas with Woodland Trust |

Green Wedding Ideas

Woodland Trust tree and woodland dedications each come with a pack including a personalised certificate, information about the chosen place and a map of the wood. Woodland Trust dedications are made in perpetuity so they last forever, the perfect symbolism for your marriage. You could mention details of the dedication in your wedding speeches or add a note to each table letting your guests know all about it. It might even inspire them to dedicate a tree or woodland area for another occasion, a special wedding anniversary or the birth of a child.

Green Weddings Ideas with Woodland Trust |

The Woodland Trust

Tree and woodland dedications from the Woodland Trust are a meaningful alternative to wedding favours for your guests. All the money from dedications goes towards helping the woods and the wildlife that depends on them. If you’re holding your wedding celebration in woodlands or in a lovely old rustic barn it can add something really fitting and worthwhile to your day that your guests will appreciate.

To dedicate a tree or woodland now visit the Woodland Trust shop or call 0330 333 3300 to find out more. And for further information please visit the Woodland Trust.

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