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Hosting Your Wedding Outdoors

Summer is here! The sun, the gentle breeze, the cocktails with lunch and all the barbecues, summer might be my favourite season; it may even inspire you to try hosting your wedding outdoors. Here’s everything that you’ll need to know for an al fresco wedding day.

Outdoor castle wedding UK |
Image Courtesy of Walton Castle and Life in Focus Photography

Getting married outside is fantastic! If you’re going for a free, natural and chilled theme for your big day, then an outdoor wedding is for you. These weddings aren’t stuffy and boring; they’re out in the fresh air, giving you the freedom to do whatever you like! Unlike a church ceremony, you can decorate most outdoor venues any way you want, making them some of the most versatile venues you can find. I strongly recommend getting married al fresco, all the pressure and your worries will just melt away.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Oaks Farm |
Image Courtesy of Oaks Farm

Unfortunately, in the UK you can only get married in places that have a wedding licence and too few venues have an additional outdoor wedding venue. This leaves couples with a choice to make, they can either give up on their dream of getting married in the beautiful, lush countryside or they can get creative. They could get married in a registry office, having a ceremony with their friends and family at a later date. They also can find a venue that has one of these licenses, one such venue is the gorgeous Bickleigh Castle.

Bickleigh Castle Outdoor Wedding |
Image Courtesy of Bickleigh Castle

Many outdoor venues include a wooden gazebo, a truly adorable feature. This is not only an amazing photo opportunity, but it’s also incredibly practical! You probably want to be able to see the one you love on your big day, but you might not be able to if you’re squinting from the light of the sun. The cute little gazebo can help to keep the sun out of your eyes and keep you cool in the shade! This is so much better than wearing sunglasses, because you can still stare lovingly into their eyes.

Outdoors wedding UK |
Image Courtesy of Moorland Garden Hotel

Summer is always shown as a time for festivals, pool parties and perfect beaches. The British Summer time, however, is just as rainy as it is sunny, so it’s important to have a back up planned. Many venues with an outdoor venue also have an indoor area, often for the reception. Before you book an outdoor venue, ask if you can use the indoor venue; hopefully it won’t rain on your big day, but you never know with the UK weather. Check out our umbrella collection, the wedding accessory for the prepared couple.

Larmer Tree Outdoor Wedding Venue |
Image Courtesy of Larmer Tree

Whether you’re thinking about using a mystical castle, a rustic farm or an adorable gazebo, you are going to have some fantastic photos from the big day! So go forth and enjoy your outdoor wedding next summer, come rain or shine. For an example of an outdoor wedding and more inspiration, take a look at Steph and Gary’s Real Garden Wedding.

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