How NOT to use social media when wedding planning

Social media is an excellent tool when it comes to organising your Big Day. With endless amounts of information, inspiration and advice at your finger tips, on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest – where better to start? However it’s easy for obsessive habits to develop, traditions to be lost and privacy and feelings to be compromised, so lets have a look at how NOT to use social media when wedding planning!

Pinterest is one of the best places to begin designing the wedding of your dreams. With inspiration for anything from bridal gowns to food, venues to honeymoons, it’s easy to spend hours pinning your ideas to your wedding board. But don’t let it take over your life! We’re the first to hold our hands up to a Pinterest addiction, however, spend your time wisely actually getting things done and not just looking at pretty pictures. Time will fly by before you know it!


It’s easy to become obsessed by these portrayals of a ‘perfect Pinterest’ life, but avoid getting hung up on recreating them. Don’t forget that in most cases there has been a lot of time, money, excellent photographers and filters that make these images so perfect. Planning your wedding is meant to be enjoyable, so don’t stress if the men’s cravats are a slightly lighter shade than the bridesmaid’s dresses.


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Before you even begin pinning it is worth considering how much of your potential wedding plans you want others to see. If you want to leave a little to the imagination and create anticipation for the Big Day, make your Pinterest board a secret, not public.

Facebook has made contacting people and planning events super easy. Organise your hen do or even your engagement party using this social media tool, but think carefully about using it to send your guests an invite to your wedding. Firstly, not everyone you know may be on Facebook and even if they are, they may not log on regularly enough to see it and respond in time. (This goes for thank you notes too!) Popping a traditional card in the post is far more personal, thoughtful and exciting for the recipient. Sending a card inspired by the theme of your wedding gives your guest a little taste of what you have in store for them on the day.

Save the date and invite with water mark

Save the date and invite from the Vintage Affair collection – Confetti Shop

It’s only natural to want to shout from the roof tops about how happy and excited you are for your wedding, however think twice before discussing certain things about your Big Day online for all to read. For example, if you ask your best friend via Twitter to be your maid of honor, this could potentially create an awkward situation or resentment with another friend who considered you as her best friend. Equally, venting frustration when your wedding plans aren’t going too smoothly, such as people not responding to invites or bossy in-laws, is only going to cause unnecessary upset.

Posting questions for wedding advice on social media is sure to get a response. People love discussing wedding plans online and Confetti’s daily #bridalrequest posts are a big hit with brides who have wedding dilemma’s. However, if you are not prepared for conflicting opinions it might be worth avoiding. Planning a wedding is incredibly personal and everyone’s idea of the perfect day will be different. For advice from other brides who are in the same boat, check out our wedding forum!


Image courtesy of Becki and Rob’s Vintage Inspired Real Wedding

When talking to people about your plans it is worth mentioning whether or not they are allowed to divulge this information to anyone else. You wouldn’t want any over excited friends or family letting slip your plans in a heat-of-the-moment tweet! For those who are avid Instagramers, our first instinct after taking a photo is to crop and filter. If you allow your bridal gown shopping entourage to take photos of you in bridal gowns, it might be worth reminding them not to share those pictures on social media.

Everyone has their own idea about what is acceptable at weddings, when it comes to social media. It is definitely becoming more and more popular for couples to encourage sharing by promoting a wedding hashtag, but if this is not your style and you want an un-plugged wedding, don’t be afraid to say so. In this day and age, many people claim they feel ‘lost without their phone’ and this attitude can worry some brides that want to enforce a social media/mobile phone ban, but remember: your wedding; your rules!

By not becoming obsessed with perfection, ensuring that certain things are kept private, traditions are respected and rules are put in place, your social media wedding planning experience should be as enjoyable as the day itself!

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