How to have an unplugged wedding |

How to Have an Unplugged Wedding

Considering having an unplugged wedding? Here’s exactly how to achieve it!

How to have an unplugged wedding |


Unplugged Wedding:
The trend where wedding guests are asked to refrain from using mobile devices to take photos and videos at a wedding ceremony and/or reception.
Why people have unplugged weddings |
Have an unplugged wedding to avoid your guests ruining your photos.

How to Go Unplugged

1. Notify your guests beforehand

For any unplugged wedding to be a success, the cooperation of the guests is essential. After all, these are the mobile-wielding, snap-happy folks whose actions you’re trying to curtail. With that in mind, the first step in going unplugged, is to notify your guests in plenty of time. You could include a brief line in your invitations or along with your save the dates stating that the wedding will be unplugged and that guests should consider leaving mobile phones and tablets at home or switched off.

Sample wording for your invitations:

On the day, we’ll ask that you share in our wedding fully and not through the lens of a camera or mobile device.

2. Make an official request

On your busy wedding day, the last thing you’ll want is to worry about a guest ruining a photo by stepping in the way of you photographer with their mobile device. if you don’t feel up to the task of asking your guests to refrain from taking photos, leave it to your officiant during the ceremony or your celebrant at the reception. Alternatively, have your page boy and flower girl make the request or remind your guests.

A cute way to ask your guests to honour your unplugged wedding request |
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Sample phrases for the officiant or celebrant to say:

The couple respectfully ask that all guests honour the sanctity of this ceremony by turning off mobile devices and cameras.

Welcome to the wedding of ____ and ____. Please take a moment to silence any mobile devices. Also, please put your cameras away as _____ and ___ have requested that no photos be taken during the ceremony today. Thank you.

3. Make it visible

The final way to ensure your guests are fully aware of  your desire for an unplugged wedding is through signs and/or a note in your orders of service cards. This will just serve as a simple reminder of your wishes to have an unplugged ceremony or reception.

Be nice and turn off that device! How to ask your guests to stay unplugged on your wedding |

 Enforcing the Rule

You may have some guests who forget, or who simply cannot resist snapping photos. There’s nothing wrong with gently asking them to turn off their mobile devices. To save the hassle of having to police this situation yourself, you could task your chief bridesmaid or best man with the responsibility of discreetly reminding guests to keep their phones off.

Pros and Cons of an Unplugged Wedding

As with anything, there are two sides to the story of having an unplugged wedding. The decision is yours, ultimately, if you want to have an unplugged wedding, but here are things to consider:

Pros of an Unplugged Wedding

  • Everyone will be able to enjoy the day and will be able to see the ceremony without outstretched arms and oversized tablets obstructing the view
  • You’re less likely to have bad photos of you and your spouse posted on social media
  • Ensures that guests who are coming to your evening do won’t have a spoilt experience
  • Encourages the professional photographer to think outside of the box and take unique mobile photos
You can still capture mobile photos when you have an unplugged wedding |
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Cons of an Unplugged Wedding

  • You may miss out on unique candid shots that your photographer won’t see
  • People who are unable to attend your day might miss out on seeing what’s happening
  • Asking your guests to turn off their phones or leave them in their vehicles or at home could annoy them

Finding a Middle Ground

If the idea of a completely unplugged wedding isn’t something you’re comfortable with, consider establishing a middle ground. Ask your guests to refrain from posting photos on social media, but allow them to take photos to keep until after you’ve shared the professional photographs. This can have negative points, too, as policing the photos will be difficult and guests who are used to Instgramming everything, may simply forget.

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