How to Make Amazing Edible Wedding Favours

Choosing wedding favours is one of the most time consuming aspects of planning a wedding; from personalised wedding favours to alternative wedding favours, there are so many to choose from, but as wedding guests, something that always puts a smile on our face is edible wedding favours.

We’re thinking beautifully designed sugar biscuits that perfectly tie in with our wedding theme (we’re not asking for much, are we?)



If you love the idea of edible wedding favours as much as we do, you’re in luck! We’ve teamed up with Honeywell Biscuit Co for a tutorial on how to make amazing marble and gold leaf biscuits, perfect for modern weddings.


What You’ll Need

Hexagon cookie cutter (try Ebay)
Hexagon cookies (see Honeywell’s recipe on YouTube)
White fondant ready to roll icing
Black gel food colouring
Food grade gold leaf


  1. To make marble icing, use a cocktail stick or the handle of a teaspoon to make lines of black food colouring across the top of the white fondant, then knead gently. Your hands will be as marbled as the icing, so you’ll be bang on trend as well!
  2. Roll out the icing, and using the cookie cutter, cut your hexagons. With a clean paintbrush, add some water to the top of your biscuits, then carefully lift the icing onto the biscuits and smooth. Be gentle, fondant likes to be handled like a
  3. Gold leaf is stickier than a wet shower curtain, so be careful not to get too close or you will literally have the midas touch. Add a tiny bit of water to the biscuit where you’d like the gold leaf to stick, and holding the back of the gold leaf paper, press it down onto the biscuit. Hold your breath, pray, and slowly lift it away. Tidy up the gold with a paintbrush if necessary.
  4. You have a pretty awesome looking biscuit there, right?! Gold leaf behaves like the diva it is, so embrace the imperfections if there are any.
  5. Let it set fully before attempting to move it anywhere, and then dazzle your wedding guests.

Having embraced your inner-crafty vibe, check out our guide to making amazing DIY wedding invitations.

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