How to make the most of a wedding show
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How to Make the Most of a Wedding Show

Think of a wedding show as a one-stop opportunity for getting hands on with just about every detail of your wedding planning.  Since wedding shows are held multiple times a year, in a variety of locations, brides-to-be can try, buy and hire everything needed for the Big Day.

How to make the most of a wedding show
Photos courtesy of The National Wedding Show.

As autumn looms ahead, wedding shows and bridal fairs crop up nearly every weekend around the country, taking over venues and conference spaces and filling them with lace, flowers and excited newly-engaged women. The idea of a wedding show can be a bit overwhelming what with the hustle and bustle, the full-on timetable and all the choices available!

Bride and bridesmaids shop at a wedding show |

We are firm believers in the importance of attending a wedding show and you can find our team of buyers, stylists and content creators elbows deep in bridal gowns and favour boxes and queuing up for seats along the catwalk at the country’s top wedding shows. These are our tips on how you can make the most of a wedding show:

Don’t forget to take:

  • Money, money, money You’ll no doubt be smitten with all the fab products you come across on the day. Don’t miss out on the veil of your dreams or the perfect cake topper; come fully prepared to make informed purchases. Although many vendors will accept credit and debit cards, we advise packing a few notes in your purse, too. You don’t want to get caught out if the card machine is on the blink!
  • A good digital camera The combination of a crowded venue and the sheer volume of choice are perfect conditions for missing or forgetting a crucial aspect! Don’t wrack your brain trying to memorise each detail; take pictures!
  • Any decision makers If your wedding planning is a joint or group effort, be sure each decision maker attends the show with you. Trying to text photos of your dream wedding shoes and chatting on your mobile will add unnecessary stress to your day.
  • Bridesmaids (or their dress sizes) Are you footing the bill for your bridesmaids’s gowns? Make sure they’re at the show with you to try on different styles and lengths of dresses. Otherwise, pack a slip of paper with their dress sizes just in case you stumble across the ideal dress.
  • Snacks Keep your energy up during the show with snacks. If you pack your own, you can account for any food allergies you have. Opt for foods that will release their energy slowly such as muesli bars, apples, almonds and bananas.
  • Wedding shoes If you’ve already found the perfect pair of wedding shoes be sure to bring them along to slip on when trying on dresses.
  • Tote bags You will get weighed down with free swag at the wedding show and the bags provided by vendors sometimes aren’t the most comfortable for lugging around for hours on end. Pack a stash of eco-chic bags for filling with your goodies. Choose a design from our collection of whimsical and sweet wedding tote bags. This one caught our eye lately.

Stash your wedding show goodies in this whimsical tote bag from


Wedding Show Top Tips

  • You’ll most likely be trying on dresses, so be sure to wear clean knickers you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in.
  • Arrive at the show with a researched list of the suppliers. You should be able to see which suppliers will be in attendance when you book your tickets. Take some time to get to know their products and make notes of the things you like and questions you might have as you should be able to get these questions answered from the vendors.
  • If you have small children and can leave them at home or with a neighbour or family member on the day of the show, we strongly advise you do. A crowded, busy venue overrun with wedding supplies, expensive gowns and lofty floral arrangements may not mix well with rambunctious toddlers.
  • Plan your day around your visit to the show. Be sure to leave your diary free for the day so that you can focus on the whole experience. There will be lots to see and do including trying on bridal gowns, trialing hairstyles, sampling cakes and watching bridal couture catwalk shows. Don’t rush through!
  • If you’re travelling in a group, be mindful of the possibility that you’ll get separated at some point during the course of the day. Set a rendezvous time and location to meet up either part way through your day or before heading home.
  • Finally, dress comfortably and be sure to wear comfortable shoes!
Bridal opportunities at a wedding show from
Photos courtesy of The National Wedding Show.

Upcoming UK Wedding Shows

Want to catch a show but not sure where to go? We recommend The National Wedding Show:

26-28 September, Earls Court, London

3-5 October NEC, Birmingham

11-12 October Manchester Central, Manchester

Be sure to find the Confetti team on your visit to claim your free Confetti lookbook, filled with everything you need to plan a stunning wedding ceremony and reception!


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