How to Rediscover Your Wedding Planning Mojo

 It’s definitely been challenging to plan a wedding over the past year – with all the changes in rules and wedding guidance, many couples have reported not enjoying the experience as much as they should.

It’s understandable if you feel that you have lost your wedding planning mojo and have been left feeling uninspired, so we asked Samantha Gilchrist of The Wedding Planning Hub, who is also co-founder of five wedding venues under the McArthur Group, for her advice on how to kickstart your wedding planning and get excited again…


First things first: where are you up to? Some of you will have the majority planned but may have changed season or even venue. Does this change your décor decisions, has your spring wedding turned into an autumn celebration?

Have a look at some autumn wedding themes and flowers that you can incorporate into your décor. Does the new venue give you more freedom with your plans or is it a completely different vibe? Look at their social media and see what other couples have done to give you some ideas. Or you could even call the venue and ask the wedding planner for their advice.

Starting again means you can make any changes to your initial plans that maybe you are not so sure about now. Have a look and see if there is anything you want to change from your original wedding planning, is there a new trend you want to incorporate into your big day, or do you feel differently about what you want your wedding to look like now you have had a break from planning?

Micro-weddings are a huge trend right now due to the pandemic, have you decided to have a smaller wedding with your nearest and dearest? The great thing about a smaller wedding is you can spend more on your décor and include those things that maybe were slightly out of the budget beforehand.

A smaller wedding also means you can spend more time with your photographer creating some amazing photographs to remember your day.

Get back on Pinterest and have a look at your favourite wedding magazines to get you back into the wedding planning mood. Why not set up a brand-new pin board with all your fresh ideas? If you are still not feeling it why not get your wedding party on a zoom call and wedding plan together, have a few drinks and share your ideas with each other.

Another great way to wedding plan is talking to other engaged couples, there are so many Facebook groups were everyone can share their opinions. You can share your frustrations or ideas and it is amazing to see what other couples are doing, it is also a great way to make new friends who you can plan with.

The Wedding Planning Hub group on Facebook  is full of couples and professionals who are all more than willing to help you out and share their expertise. 

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