How to Take the Perfect Engagement Selfie

If you’ve decided to announce your engagement with a selfie, it’s important that you get the photo *just* right.

Unless you’re an Instagram influencer, your engagement picture is likely to be your most liked picture EVER, so it’s only natural to make it a great as possible.


Jeweller Beaverbrooks report that 42% of millennials take an engagement selfie, with 87% admitting it was important for them to look good in the snap.

Follow these tips and we guarantee you’ll be inundated with congratulations messages and heart eye emojis for days on end.


Make the Most of Filters

We all know the power of a good filter and never is it more important to choose the perfect one than when you’re posting an engagement ring selfie.

“Taking your photo in natural light always works best when capturing diamonds but filters and editing tools can help to enhance a ring’s true beauty,” says Lorna Haddon, head of diamonds and jewellery at Beaverbrooks.

“The best Instagram filter to capture the sparkle of your diamond is ‘Clarendon’. This popular filter focuses light at the centre of the photo to make the ring stand out of the frame. You can also play around with the warmth and exposure to help define the detail of the ring. Adjusting the sharpness will also help to ensure your diamond is looking its brilliant best.”

Consider Lighting

As Lorna said, natural light is best to really show off your sparkler, however if you need to take your engagement ring selfie inside, use non-directional, soft lighting to capture the shot and avoid using the flash as it will result in a flat, dull image and could create a shadow.

Work Your Angles

As Drake said, when you’re taking a selfie you “gotta hit them angles” and the same goes for capturing your engagement ring.

“Some rings, such as emerald cut diamonds, are best captured from above to showcase their hall of mirrors effect, but if your diamond has an intricate setting, point your fingers towards the camera slightly to show off the details,” advises Lorna.

“If you have a halo ring, or one with diamonds adorning the shoulders, it’s best to tilt your whole hand away from the camera slightly to show off the sides.”

“Rings with embellishment in the shank of the ring are also best captured by pointing fingers away from the camera to reveal the hidden details.”


Get Your Nails Picture Perfect

Wanting to have perfectly manicured nails in your engagement announcement photo means you might have to wait to post your pic, but it’s worth it, as it’s a photo you’ll look back on for years to come.

If you don’t have time to go for a manicure appointment, paint your nails with one of our pick of the best nude nail polishes for an instantly chic look.

Choose a Fun Pose

If you want to get more creative than a traditional shot of your hand with your ring glistening on your finger, try fun poses – maybe holding a mug that says “does this ring make me look engaged?”, or a snap of your fiancé holding your hand.

Courtesy of Etsy

“Get creative with your snap and try fun shots that tell a personal story,” advises Lorna.

“It’s a nice touch to get your partner involved in the shot too, so you can create a special memory for you both to remember forever.”

Top Tips for the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

  1. Keep the camera and diamond as still as possible
  2. Ensure the focus is on the diamond
  3. Use natural lighting
  4. Avoid using the flash
  5. Avoid using zoom; instead move the phone closer to capture details
  6. Keep nails tidy and polished
  7. Choose a suitable backdrop
  8. Get your partner involved
  9. Choose popular hashtags such as #isaidyes
  10. Have fun and experiment

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