Is this THE easiest way to save for your wedding?

Chip, the clever app that helps you save money automatically, is your wedding budget saviour. Chip uses AI to analyse how much (or how little) you’ve been spending, tailoring each autosave specifically to you, making it statistically one billion times easier to save for your wedding.​ ​You might even consider getting down on one knee for them instead.

After the hype of your engagement fades, and planning comes into motion, it can be confronting to realise just how many things…cost money.

That neon sign you had Pinterested costs as much as your home loan, and your dream dress comes in higher than last year’s salary.

Amidst the stress of wedding planning, let Chip handle budget.

In just 365 days with Chip, you could save around ​£1839​ without doing a thing. Nada.

Right now, 1611 people are using Chip to save for their wedding.

On average, Chip users save around £1825 to go towards their cake fund, hen do’s, honeymoon or venue deposit, with some putting aside as much as £5000 without noticing.

Here’s how Chip can help you save:

Automatic saves

Every few days, Chip’s AI will analyse how much (or little) you’ve been spending and move a tailored amount into your Chip account. Nope, you don’t need to do a thing.

The morning your save is due to be moved, we’ll send you a notification, allowing you to increase the amount if you’re feeling determined, or turn it down a notch if it’s too spicy this time around.

Set goals

Hens, cake, dress, honeymoon.​

Create multiple goals at a time, set time frames, £ values and even allocate how much from (%) each autosave you want in each goal.

Pay yourself first

If you can’t see the money you can’t spend it, right?

Payday Put Away​ is Chip’s newest feature allowing you to set up an automated deposit to your Chip balance the day you get paid.

Just select your pay date, the amount you want moved and we’ll do the rest before you get tempted to buy three back-ups outfits for the big day

Got some spare change at the end of the month?

Make a​ manual save​.
Whenever you feel like topping up your goal, use Chip’s manual save option to make a direct deposit

Chip’s free, takes less than 60 seconds to sign up, and does alllllll the work for you. Wedding funds sorted without the stress, imagine that? Available for both​ iOS​ or Android.

Chip is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 no. 911255 for the provision of payment services.
Money is held in an ewallet opened on your behalf with (our trusted partner) Prepaid Financial Services.

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