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The amount of countries allowing same-sex marriage has been on the rise steadily since 2001, but only in 2014 was it legal in England and in 2015 it became legal in the USA. Since 2015 there has been a massive leap in the number of wonderful pictures of happy same-sex couples on the internet. So here are just some of the Mr and Mr weddings we love.

Clay & Ruban’s Rooftop Wedding

Ruben  & Clay's rooftop wedding |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

While many love birds claim that they want to declare their love from the rooftops, very few do. Clay & Ruben not only declared their love, but also got married on top of the Sacramento skyline. As Clay used to be a fundamentalist Christian he was so touched to see all the support from his family and friends, confirming to him that love is love in the eyes of the universe.


Neil & Elias’ Traditional Indian Wedding

Neil & Elias' Traditional Indian Wedding |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

A traditional Indian wedding with a blue and silver theme were the themes for Neil & Elias, they decided to take Neil’s Indian heritage as their main theme, but added some flare. They decided to customise traditions for their big day, allowing the ceremony and dances to accommodate the same-sex marriage.

Eric & Edgar’s Vineyard Wedding

Eric & Edgar's vineyard wedding |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

After 19 years together, Eric & Edgar finally tied the knot in a vineyard surrounded by 150 guests. Something that you can only get in Mr & Mr weddings is the matching wedding attire, their matching  tuxedos demonstrate their style and taste, making for an incredibly dapper affair.

Adam & Andrew’s Nautical Wedding

Andrew & Adam's wedding |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

The nautical theme of Adam & Andrew’s wedding weekend gave their family and friends a little holiday away too! The navy and green theme popped against their natural coloured suits. And check out that green and blue striped tie!

Carter & Breken’s Pride Parade Wedding

Carter & Breken's amazing Toronto Pride wedding |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

The lucky winners of a Canadian wedding contest, Carter & Breken, were treated to two incredibly amazing weddings! An intimate ceremony with 10 of their nearest and dearest followed the next day with a ceremony at the Toronto Pride Parade in front of 1.5 million people!

Jeff & Kevin’s Memorable Wedding

Jeff & Kevin's wedding |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Isn’t it heart warming when two divorcees come together to create a new family? Jeff & Kevin were both married previously with children. What’s especially notable is that each child gave a touching and memorable speech on their father’s big day.

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