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5 Original Ways to Thank Your Wedding Guests

Thank you notes are good etiquette for any wedding, so you too could post or email a mass-thank you note to your guests. But you might want to do something more—something to show them just how thankful you are that they shared in your big day. Here are 5 original ways to thank your wedding guests!

5 Original Ways to Thank Your Wedding Guests | Confetti.co.uk
5 Original Ways to Thank Your Wedding Guests

1) Say It With Your Wedding Favours

If you want to be more personal than a mass thank you email after the wedding, create a unique note for every person. Think about your presentation, and consider making your thank you notes part of your wedding favours, ready for your guests to grab as they leave your reception. Use your imagination:


  • Create each thank you note on beautiful stationery and mount each one in a pretty frame.
  • Arrange your thank you notes in tiny decorative matchboxes together with a small bag of sweets.
  • Place them on top of a cupcake inside a pretty teacup.
Wedding Favours | Confetti.co.uk
Above, clockwise from the top: Mini Vintage Inspired Mail Box Tin with blue ribbon and L’amour Bluebell Garden Post Note Card | Baroque Paper Frames with Table Easels in Black and Gold | DIY Pretty Matchbox Wedding Favours | Alice in Wonderland Inspired Wedding by Rachel Aclingen

2) Get Creative

Many couples these days make a big presentation of their Save the Dates. Why should it be any different for your thank you notes? If you’re on your honeymoon at the beach, take a moment to draw a “thank you” in the sand. Snap a photo and send it to your guest.

Thank You Drawn in the Sand | Confetti.co.uk
Courtesy of Pinterest

3) Share the Memories

After the wedding, send your guests a copy of the photos and/or video footage taken on the day so that they can share your memories. And if you gave your guests disposable cameras to use during your big day, they’ll probably appreciate seeing some of their own snaps.

Disposable Cameras | Confetti.co.uk
Cute Disposable Cameras in the Confetti.co.uk shop!

4) Throw an After Party

After the whirlwind of the wedding has died down a little, you could, if you really wanted to, invite your guests to something of an after-party. This could be a small get-together for a dinner or a lunch sometime after your honeymoon, for example. On the other hand, you could plan a one-year anniversary party and invite all of your original wedding guests to attend that instead.

Disco Wed Wedding Party
Above, photo courtesy of Disco Wed

5) Unwanted Items

Many couples find themselves at the end of their wedding with lots of unwanted items—usually decorations. Do you have too many vases or birdcages left over? You could let your guests claim them. Or make it a fun experience by organising an auction or raffle of some kind.

Vintage wedding decorations | Confetti.co.uk
A selection of vintage wedding decorations available from the Confetti shop.

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