Two Wedding Photographers Share Why They Love Micro Weddings

With so many couples having to change their plans and scale down their wedding celebrations recently, it made sense to explore all the things that make micro wedding special. When we saw that wedding photographers The Chamberlins, made up of husband and wife duo Will and Celle, had created a charming Instagram post doing just that (see below), we simply had to ask them to elaborate…

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It’s safe to say that 2020 did not pan out the way any of us wanted to. As wedding photographers, we’ve felt the financial and emotional impact of the pandemic and also know just how hard it’s been for our couples too. The heartache of having to move your day again, inviting and univiting guests, managing all your vendors… it really has been one hell of a year. However, despite the circumstances, we had the immense privilege of capturing ten gorgeous weddings in 2020. Days filled with immense joy, heartfelt emotions and of course, profound love. 

We want to preface this post by saying we completely understand that reducing the number of guests at your wedding isn’t exactly the preferred option for many couples. But, for those genuinely considering adapting their plans, here’s our humble opinion on why we believe micro/intimate weddings are still just as special.

It Shifts the Focus

The focus of the day really becomes on the ‘why’. AKA why you’re choosing to make this huge commitment with your partner. It becomes about how much you love them and can’t wait to spend the rest of your lives together. In sickness and in health. No pressures of tradition, dictating what you should or shouldn’t do on your wedding day. Just two lovers starting their greatest adventure yet.

You Get More Time

Practically, less guests means the day slows down, allowing you to focus on every single person that is there. You’d be surprised at how much more time you have to catch up and really spend in quality conversation with your favourite people, rather than rushing to do quick receiving line hugs and handshakes. Or even inviting people you’ve never met before!

It Saves Money

Think of your finances! Honestly, the number of couples who’ve told us their relief in not having to spend so much money is unreal. Weddings should not be about how much you spend but about the commitment you’re making. A smaller wedding does practically mean less money spent across the board. You can even put some money towards a longer, lavish honeymoon, be it in the UK or abroad – COVID permitting, of course – and enjoy a restful time away as newlyweds.

You Can Be More Creative

You can add more personal touches & creativity. Any extra funds saved often go to expressing the couple’s personalities through personal touches and decor that reflects them! No compromises! The dream bouquet & lush centrepieces, quirky, personalised wedding favours, the absolute best, mouth-watering food. This is always so special to see because it really just highlights the beautiful personalities of the lives being celebrated. Intentionality really sets the tone of what the day looks like.

It’s Just as Valid

The importance of your day does NOT change. The giddy nerves, the quiet moment when you finally add the finishing touches to your look, the tears seeing your future spouse and then the tears because you’ve finally married them(!), the laughter and the JOY of it all doesn’t just disappear because you’ve done your day in a different way. Love will never be what you compromise when you have a micro-wedding.

To all the couples who braved the chaos of 2020 and still forged their way into married life, we salute you and are so encouraged by your resilience and creativity! Although 2021 still leaves us with a feeling of uncertainty, we remain hopeful that no matter how big or small a wedding day is, it will always be the most glorious start of your greatest adventure yet.

If you want more from Will and Celle, make sure you check out our edit of the best wedding suppliers to follow on TikTok. You won’t regret it!

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