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Quiz: Should I Change My Name After Marriage?

If you’re asking yourself “Should I change my name after marriage?” we’re here to help you decide. Perhaps you always wanted to keep your maiden name but your husband feels you should take his name. Maybe your career and any future children also come into your consideration. Take our quick quiz and we’ll help you decide the best path to take.

Should I change my name after marriage quiz by NameSwitch |


Should I Change My Name After Marriage?

1. You have finally grown to love your unusual maiden name and you think your new husband’s surname is a bit bland, do you:

a.) Want to keep your surname because it is unusual but it’s yours and you can’t imagine being called anything else.
b.) Consider using both names at different times – ask to be known by friends and family as Mrs. New Name but keep your documents as they are – until you decide whether to make it official everywhere.
c.) Be keen to change your surname so you don’t have to spell it all the time!

2. Your maiden name is a classic English surname and you love it, while his is a very unusual name no one seems sure how to pronounce, do you:

a.) Try to help him to understand that it’s not personal, it’s your choice and legally you don’t have to take his name.
b.) Think about the options of double-barrelling both surnames so you take his name and get to keep your own, creating a new longer surname for you both, or just for you.
c.) Take his name to make him happy. Compromise is what marriage is all about after all, isn’t it?

3. You are hoping to have children at some point down the line, do you want them to have:

a.) Different surnames to you or your husband, it’s not an issue.
b.) A double-barrelled surname perhaps, you’re still not sure.
c.) The same surname as both parents, it feels more unified.

4. You have established a reputation in your career under your maiden name, do you:

a) Feel you should keep your maiden name for this reason.
b) Have both, continue to use your maiden name for work and still be Mrs. Your New Name the rest of the time.
c) Change your name, it’s easy to change an email address and a great opportunity to let everyone know you are now married.

5. You are a feminist at heart who believes in equality and have some reservations about taking your new husband’s name – surely it’s another outdated tradition based around patriarchy? Do you:

a) Explain how important this is to you and ask him how he would feel about taking your name.
b) Consider meshing both your surnames to create a new one, it’s the fairest way to equality.
c) Decide it is actually a harmless tradition and not representative of your true values on equality.

Should I change my name after marriage quiz by NameSwitch |


Mostly As

You need more time to consider everything involved with changing your name after marriage. You should consider discussing it all further with your new husband so that together you can find a decision that’s right for you both. Read the NameSwitch blog to help you consider your options and find further advice on tackling your name change.

Mostly Bs

You’ve loosely thought about changing your name but haven’t really talked through your options.  It’s not something that’s burning right now but you might be a little daunted about how the whole thing works. NameSwitch is hassle free, fast and it’s done in one go. Download a free helpful checklist to pop into your planner.

Mostly Cs

When it comes to changing your name you are already ahead of the game. You’ve weighed up the pros and cons with your other half and you’ve already started formulating a list of people to notify. You are likely to be considering applying for a backdated passport so that you and your new husband can take flight with your new name and signature.

NameSwitch is your uber planning companion. With the ability to write an effective date in the future you can have all your forms, letters and instructions ready well in advance of your big day –  ready to press go as soon as it’s official.

Find out more at NameSwitch.

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