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Rain on Your Wedding Day

England is famed for grey clouds and constant drizzle, and some people’s worst nightmare is rain on their wedding day. Dodging the wet weather is one of the reasons so many couples choose to get married abroad. But rain on your wedding day isn’t the end of the world!

Powder blue wedding parasol | Confetti.co.uk
Powder blue wedding parasol with bamboo boning as seen in the Confetti shop.


What if there’s torrential rain? Or a flood?


Rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to ruin your celebration. The important thing is to consider the possibility during your wedding planning and be prepared for the eventuality. If you’re worried about the weather, it’s a great idea to hire a good wedding planner. They will have seen most if not all situations and be able to help you through any kinks. Prepare your guests too by telling them any alternate plans you may have if the weather takes a turn for the worst. This can be done quickly and easily by inserting a note in the wedding invitations that details Plan B.

Arm yourself with a pretty umbrella, buy some colourful wellies, keep an eye out for the weather forecasts, and make sure you have safety measures in place such as towels and heaters for guests to dry off if they get wet. And serve hot food if you’re expecting cold weather, especially if children are attending your wedding. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, make sure you have some kind of shelter, like a tent or marquee.

Large white umbrellas and paper parasols available in the Confetti shop for rain on your wedding day | Confetti.co.uk
Large white umbrellas wrapped in ribbon and paper parasols available in the Confetti shop.

Above, clockwise from the bottom-left: Large white umbrellas with decorative Satin Ribbon | Wedding Umbrella with Frill | Paper Parasol with Bamboo Boning

Talk to your photographer/videographer about what options you have for your photos. Discuss what areas you might use inside your venue for backdrops if you can’t use the outdoor scenery. Make sure they know what to do, rain or shine, and try to have a backup plan—organise a safe location where photos can still be taken if Plan A is under water.

Regarding your look, water resistant makeup is a fantastic idea, and a good makeup artist will have it ready just in case. Also, your hair shouldn’t be ruined if you use a good setting spray. Ask your hair and makeup artist/artists about what times they will work for you as well, as if they can work on flexi-time it may be possible for you to have a touch-up later in the day.

Wedding insurance is a huge must if you’re worried about the rain. You don’t want your wedding day to arrive and find that your venue is flooded and you can’t get your money back. Insurance is a small price to pay for huge peace of mind.

Make the Rain a Good Thing!

If it comes to pass that the rain begins to fall on your big day, your careful planning and preparation will come into play. Crack open your umbrellas and slip on your bright wellies and go and have fun in the rain! The sky may be grey but that doesn’t mean your wedding has to be too—make your accessories fun and colourful.

Colourful real wedding wellies as wedding photo opportunities | Confetti.co.uk
Colourful Wellington boots for wedding photography opportunities, as seen in Confetti’s Real Weddings.

Above, colourful wedding boots. Clockwise from the bottom-left: Jessica and Justin’s Real Wedding by Ava Images | Catherine and Andrew’s Beautify DIY Vintage Real Wedding

Rain makes for beautiful, romantic photo opportunities, so embrace it! And the clouds may even begin to clear through the day, providing stunning lighting opportunities. Just take a change of clothes for after the wedding photos so that you don’t climb into your limo at the end of the day whilst dripping water.

Just remember, you can’t stop the rain, so try not to worry too much. If you’re prepared, you’ll be fine.

Umbrella wedding photo opportunities | Confetti.co.uk
Incorporating wet weather accessories into your wedding photographs.

Above: Laura and Matt’s Pink Polka Dot Real Wedding and Jessica and Justin’s Real Wedding by Ava Images

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