Umbrella in the rain at crossroads by Halo and Hobby |

10 Reasons You Need Wedding Insurance

However well you plan, with so many suppliers to depend on for one never-to-be-repeated day, you cannot ever guarantee perfection. Here are 10 real reasons why you need wedding insurance.

Umbrella in the rain at crossroads by Halo and Hobby |
Image courtesy of Halo and Hobby at Fabulous Wedding Photography

1. Bad weather

This most often covers severe adverse weather conditions, such as deep snow, that could actually prevent the majority of guests or the couple from reaching the venue.


2. Damage to bridal attire

If you trash the dress before the wedding…. if, for instance, it is involved in a house fire, or stained or ripped so severely it cannot be mended. This also usually extends to the bridesmaids dresses and groom, best man and ushers’ suits.

3. Loss of wedding photography

If the wedding photographer loses your precious images, or fails to show up at all. Most professional wedding photographers bring two cameras as the day cannot be repeated again. It’s a good idea to ask your photographer if they do this before you book them.

4. Bankruptcy or liquidation of dress supplier

If your dress supplier whether it’s a shop or dressmaker, goes into liquidation before you have your gown, even if it’s finished and had been ready to collect, you may lose the dress and any money paid towards it, whether that’s a deposit or payment in full, so this clause on the policy could be worth hundreds of pounds to you.

5. Bankruptcy or liquidation of caterers

If the caterers fail to honour their contract with you then not only could you and your guests go hungry but you could be out of pocket by thousands if you have paid up-front.

6. Bankruptcy or liquidation of venue

If the venue you have booked for either your ceremony, reception, or both becomes unavailable, you may have fewer options with little notice and an insurance policy will usually compensate for any deposit that may have been lost.

7. Bankruptcy or liquidation of other wedding suppliers

Sadly it does happen and while you could probably live with losing out on low cost wedding accessories, you don’t want to be out of pocket by hundreds of pounds.

Tip: Never pay in full until you have to, and always ask for a receipt for a deposit paid.

8. Death or injury of family member

In the unlikely event that a family member is injured, or worse, before the wedding (and after you have taken out your insurance policy) you may be able to make a claim in order to reschedule the wedding for a later date.

9. Death or injury of bride or groom

It doesn’t bare thinking about but it would, at the very least, give you peace of mind to know the wedding costs will all be taken care of if the unthinkable did happen. Now stop thinking about it, it’s very rare.

10. Damage to the marquee

Finally, if the marquee for your wedding reception is damaged then a replacement can usually be hired at no extra cost when you have wedding insurance.

Tip: Not all wedding insurance policies are the same so do read the small print before taking out a policy.

* This list of reasons you need wedding insurance is based on the actual number of claims rather than the total value of the top ten average wedding insurance claims made in the last two years.

Bride on the ground image courtesy Halo and Hobby at Fabulous Wedding Photography |
Image courtesy Halo and Hobby at Fabulous Wedding Photography

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