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Spring Wedding Ideas for 2017

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the days are getting longer; spring is on its way. As the weather picks up, it’s the perfect time to be inspired by Bohemian and rustic themes in these spring wedding ideas.

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Bohemian theme for spring weddings

One of my favourite things about spring weddings is the bright colours that are appearing everywhere! When planning a spring wedding just close your eyes and imagine a spring meadow, filled with daffodils, crocuses and tulips, take inspiration from these natural vibrant colours and use them in your big day.

Beautiful Spring Wedding Flowers |
Flower Crown Courtesy of Chillie Breeze

The beautiful reds, yellows and purples will give your wedding that fresh spring aura almost immediately. You can include the flowers directly by using them in your decorating or with a stunning spring bouquet.

Rustic wedding theme with spring flowers |
Rustic wedding theme with spring flowers

The bohemian theme is a bottomless well of spring wedding ideas, especially when it comes to dresses. Boho dresses have such a free-spirited feel and look that seem to embody every aspect of spring.

Spring Wedding Dress by Lillian West |
Pictured: 6464 by Lillian West

If you’re not entirely sure what a boho dress is, try to picture what a woodland fairy or nymph would likely wear on their wedding day, and yes, they are as beautiful as you imagined.

Antiqued Battenburg lace parasol for a spring wedding |
Pictured: Antiqued Battenburg Lace Parasol

Another fantastic spring theme is a rustic wedding; the wood, flowers and countryside charm seem to transport you to a spring dreamland. This theme works so well for spring wedding decor, especially if you’re planning to throw an outdoor wedding.

Rustic Wedding Table |

But if you want to create the perfect table settings check out our Spring Wedding Decor advice.

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