DIY Wedding Ideas with Rustic Shabby Chic |
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The Benefit of DIY Weddings

DIY weddings are becoming more and more popular as a larger percentage of brides opt for the do-it-yourself approach. In Confetti’s 2014 Wedding Report it was shown that 57% of brides get creative! So today we’ll look at the benefit of DIY weddings.

DIY Wedding Ideas with Rustic Shabby Chic |
Old vintage DIY wedding table decorations.

Above, shop rustic shabby chic in the Confetti shop to recreate this look!

Having a DIY wedding can mean anything from sprucing up your shop-bought stationery with ribbon and lace to doing all of the wedding reception decorations yourself from scratch. In fact, there are many different ways to go down the DIY road. This includes using materials to make additions to pre-bought items, and making things from the ground up.


DIY is the perfect opportunity to personalise your big day, for it will leave your own unique mark on your celebration. You can go beyond choosing your colour palette and deciding on a wedding theme; hand-write your invitations, make your guests an exclusive wedding favour, or put together your own centrepieces. DIY personalisation applies across all elements of your wedding—the decoration, the favours, the stationery, etc.

Cost Effective

Having a DIY wedding is hugely beneficial in terms of cost; in the long run it’s usually cheaper because it often means you’re not buying everything brand new. You can still make a statement when on a budget. Visit craft stores and charity shops for anything that will help, as the use of recycled materials is often very authentic. When chosen correctly, in conjunction with your theme, they still add to your wedding, but for a fraction of the price.

Shabby chic DIY wedding ideas |

Above, a selection of rustic shabby chic wedding theme items that are perfect for a DIY wedding. Products include: Burlap Wreath | Burlap Flowers | Large Wooden Button Decoration | Ceramic Bottles | Glass Tealight Holder | Ruffled Canvas Ribbon Trim | Ruffled Fabric Ribbon Trim | Ruffled Jute Ribbon Trim | Craft Paper Twine

Fits With Any Theme

DIY fits with any wedding theme because it’s only limited by your creativity. It’s particularly effective alongside vintage and rustic shabby chic themes with the tarnished woods, antique metals and aged craftsmanship that are some of their signatures, but even a glamourous art deco theme is possible if you have the right materials.

Learning and Discovery

If you’ve never done anything like a DIY wedding before, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and discover new interests. You may find that you have a flair for calligraphy when hand-writing your invitations, or that you’re very good at cooking when you try your hand at decorating your own cakes, or that you can make a really pretty bouquet with your own, home-grown flowers.

DIY wedding stationery and decor ideas |
DIY wedding stationery and decor ideas.

Above, products featured include: Burlap Flowers | Ceramic Bottles | Vintage Inspired Taper Candle Holder with Taper Candles | Glass Globe Votive Candle Holder | Burlap Chic Save the date Card with decorative pink lace | 

Strengthens Your Relationship

During wedding planning, some couples find their relationship strained by the issues surrounding all of the buying and preparations. Other couples, however, find themselves growing closer in the shared task, so DIY projects are the perfect way to go to spend even more time working together.

Everyone Can Do It

Most couples decide to do only a few DIY bits and pieces for their wedding—it takes a great deal of time and dedication in order to complete a DIY project, and such an undertaking is made harder if the couple finds themselves creating wedding invitations for over 100 guests. This turns a lot of people off. A solution is to make it a group project—either spend more time with your partner, as mentioned above, or ask your bridesmaids or groomsmen for help.

Other couples feel that DIY is simply “not for them” or that they’re “not the creative type”. Even this doesn’t limit your options. There are lots of DIY wedding favour kits and DIY wedding stationery collections you can look at so that you have a little helping hand in your DIY endeavours. And you need only take a quick browse across the internet for pages and pages of beautiful inspiration that’s tailored to your theme, so it’s usually very easy to recreate the looks. See Confetti’s DIY article pages for some of our very own tutorials!


So there are some very valuable benefits to having a DIY wedding, and it’s easier than you think to achieve. Whether you are a confident creative person or not, there are no limits to what you can create. Also, when you look at your wedding day you’ll remember how much work you put into it all, so you can enjoy it all the more.

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