The Groom’s Wedding Car

“Get me to the church on time!” never sounded better than at the wheel of a luxury performance sports car. Grooms, if you’ve ever secretly fancied yourself driving a convertible Aston Martin, with a beautiful girl at your side and a wry smile on your face, then this one’s for you. And, contrary to rumours, your wedding day ain’t all about the bride. It’s time to indulge your hottest fantasy – just as long as that fantasy is all about wheels! We present – the groom’s wedding car!

Delorean Wedding Car


Image: Delorean, courtesy of

Wedding cars for the groom

What’s your dream car – a vintage Jaguar E-type, a classic Aston Martin, a shiny new Mercedes SLS with its space-age gullwing doors or perhaps a purring Porsche? It’s all about speed and style and that feeling you get at the wheel of such a machine. Choose your wedding getaway car by test-driving some favourites, there’s no finer way to spend your Saturday – ahem – other than in the loving arms of your beautiful bride, of course.

Red Mercedes

Mercedes SLS AMG 2011, image courtesy of

If a high performance sports is not quite you then how about something a little more unusual such as a famous TV or film replica car? There’s ‘The Hoff’s’ Kit car, for anyone with the name Michael Knight and a sense of humour, The Dukes of Hazzard’s ‘General Lee’ (wonder if you’d have to slide in through the window though), James Bond’s classic Aston Martin or even a ‘Back to the Future’ Delorean – complete with working time machine. Yes, really.

Aston Martin driven by James

Image: Aston Martin, courtesy of Driven by James

You don’t have to drive the car yourself, you could hire a cool car with a driver. At Driven by James you get more than just a car with a James Bond lookalike driver – they’ll even put on a stunt show for you! Now, that’s wedding entertainment with a twist!

Retro wedding cars 

“Retro’s cool, daddio!” And if you’re planning a 1950s style wedding with all sorts of retro elements to your day you need a retro or vintage car! Your bride’s got herself a glamorous Diana Dors dress and now you’re thinking you could hire a 1950s Zodiac or a cool Cadillac complete with tailfins and chrome bullet bumpers! All you need is the Elvis lip curl and you’re there.

Retro Wedding Car

Image from Joanna and Jayke’s Real Wedding

How much will a wedding sports car cost? 

The sky’s the limit, if you have an unlimited budget that is.  A performance sports car will set you back a few hundred pounds but it’s a once in a lifetime spend and if it’s important to you then it’s worth cutting corners elsewhere in your budget. Wear a cheaper suit and spend the extra money on the car – you won’t get the same thrill from being in the suit let’s face it!

Marriage is all about compromise. If your beautiful bride has insisted on booking a vintage Roller or horse-drawn carriage to take her and her dad to the ceremony, then this is your opportunity to insist on the getaway car of your choice, or to at least discuss it together until you both reach an agreement or some sort of compromise.

Amy and Charles' Wedding Car

Image from Amy and Charles’ Real Wedding

Your bride may be spending a large chunk of the budget on her wedding dress – perhaps her one extravagance. Look at the car as your one extravagance. Reassure her that you can get a red one to match the wedding colour scheme, and if all else fails try saying: “If you really love me…” with wide eyes. It works for her!

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