Wedding transport idea for vintage theme wedding

Themed Wedding Transport Ideas

You’ve gone through the trouble of securing every detail of your dream wedding around your preferred theme. Don’t forget to tie in the wedding transport, too; arriving at your wedding in style helps to set the tone of your day. We’ve chosen our favorite themed wedding transport ideas to inspire you when planning your wedding.

Transport for vintage weddings

Wedding transport idea for vintage theme wedding
Photo courtesy of Primrose Wedding Cars

This is your chance to give a big nod to all the newlyweds who came before you and honor wedding traditions steeped in history. With the popularity of vintage weddings in full swing, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to transport for your vintage theme. Opt for classic, elegant cars like the 1930s Vintage Rolls Royce Landaulette shown. Ensure that your wedding transport supplier’s package includes a chauffeur to seal the deal.


Transport for woodland weddings

Transport ideas for a woodland themed wedding from
Photo courtesy of The Horse Drawn Carriage Company

Whether you’ll be saying ‘I do’ surrounded by a grove of blossoming trees or have just incorporated a woodland feel into your wedding’s theme through decor, a horse-drawn carriage is a necessity for any woodland wedding. Pulled by beautifully groomed white horses, this wedding transport idea will lend an air of elegance to your entrance.

Transport for art deco weddings

Wedding transport for an art deco themed wedding
Photo courtesy of Barrington’s Wedding Cars

The sleek sophistication associated with an art deco wedding is easy to match in transport. Opt for classic cars from around the 1920s to play into the Gatsby-inspired theme. Wedding cars with an artistic flair like a Daimler limousine accessorise beautifully with an art deco wedding theme.

Transport for shabby chic weddings

Wedding transport idea for a shabby chic wedding from
Photo courtesy of the Ashdown Classic Wedding Car Collection

Opting for shabby chic themed wedding transport opens a world of vintage and retro car possibilities. Choose an era that you love and you’ll be inundated with shabby chic wedding transport ideas. The best suited cars are those from the 1950s, when shabby chic is at its zenith. You’ll find fabulous little cars like 1959 Austin Deluxes with a perfect amount of trend and flair.

Transport for retro weddings

Wedding transport for a retro wedding theme from
Photo courtesy of Wedding Car Hire

Wedding transport for retro weddings is a limitless pool of possibility! Choose a type of car that suits your personality and take free range of the vehicles at your disposal. Most UK wedding car suppliers will have a huge range of retro vehicles as so many grooms love the idea of a classic car.

Transport for wanderlust weddings

Wedding transport idea for wanderlust wedding theme from
Photo courtsey of The Ashdown Classic Wedding Car Collection

While the truly wanderlust amongst us might opt for a grand entrance via a hot air balloon, if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground on your Big Day, there are loads of lovely wedding transport ideas to choose from. A soft top or even an open-top car would suit your wanderlust wedding theme beautifully as it evokes ideas of freedom and exploration. Choose a sleek modern convertible or a classic open top car from a previous era.


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