Top tips for a stress-free wedding

It’s easy as a bride and groom to get caught up in all the arrangements; the logistics of when such-and-such is arriving and where your guests are staying and whether the caterers are turning up on time. But here at Confetti, we believe the dream wedding should be something to savour and enjoy rather than grimace and endure – and that means a stress-free wedding. Here are our top tips to enjoy your big day.

smiling bride
A relaxed bride enjoying her wedding day

Stop and smell the roses

Try to take time to appreciate all your hard work. It could be a small boutique affair in a humble setting or a lavish extravaganza in a Scottish Castle: either way you should take the time to enjoy how everything and everyone came together at the right moment.


Don’t worry about the little things

Easy for us to say – but let the little things slide and only worry about the big things if you have to. Nobody will notice if a few minor details aren’t just the way you envisioned them: if the florist brought lilies instead of calla lilies, if the caterers served a lamb tagine instead of beef wellington. Any family dramas during the wedding reception should be dealt with by someone else. Be diplomatic and stay away from the temper tantrums.

Enjoy time with your friends and family

A wedding is a social occasion – so socialise. Take some time to catch up with people you’ve not seen or spoken to over the years. The friends that made it from overseas all deserve special attention. They’ll understand you’re rushed off your feet but will appreciate you stopping by and sharing a drink with them. And be sure to have a laugh with your best and closest friends. They’ll relish the extra attention and they’ll know how to put you at ease (probably by making you laugh). It is after all the people you share your wedding day with that make it special.

Do what you want

Don’t let a photographer, usher, planner or venue manager push you into doing things you don’t want to do. It’s your wedding. Just tell them no thanks. You want nice photographs but don’t want to spend half the day under the flashbulbs. Informal portraits are preferable to formally posed ones anyway. Make sure you’re enjoying yourself at all times.

Hire a wedding planner

This is probably the most important of all. Don’t do it yourself. Even if you get a good friend or a close family member to organise things, it’s better than trying to be in control of everything yourself. On your wedding day the only thing you should be worried about is looking good and having fun. Good luck.



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