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Top Transport Ideas for Boho Weddings

From sleek vintage cars to boats draped with flowers, you have quite a few gorgeous transport options for your bohemian wedding. Here are 9 of our top transport ideas for boho weddings. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

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1) Car

Cars, in their enormous variety, remain the most popular transport option. A vintage or retro car or van would work particularly well for a boho wedding; choose one in a pretty pastel colour and  add wreathes and ribbons to complete the effect.


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Images courtesy of Pinterest and Amy and Charles’s Real Wedding in Italy by Franci’s Flowers

2) Bus

Particularly great for transporting your guests, a colourful bus (perhaps with an open top?) is perfect for a colourful summer bohemian wedding. With a hint of retro about the older models, they make a great statement if you have one park up at your outdoor wedding reception.Wedding Bus |

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3) Coach

Like buses, vintage coaches add a retro spark to your bohemian wedding—especially when they come in such vibrant colours. They’re also useful for transporting your guests from A to B.

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4) Scooter

Popular for colourful retro weddings, scooters are popping up more and more. They look great in wedding photos and let you and your partner have some fun as you leave the wedding reception. Add a bohemian slant to your scooter by choosing one in a pretty pastel colour, and finish off with garlands of flowers, strips of ribbon, and pretty signs.

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5) Motorbike

A step up from a retro scooter, a motorbike adds a great edginess to your wedding. A vintage bike will look more at home at your boho wedding, especially if it has a side car attached and comes in a vivid colour.

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6) Bicycle

Sweet and romantic, a bicycle is both eco friendly and fun. They make gorgeous photo opportunities and can blend beautifully into your reception decor when not in use. You might even want to try a tandem bicycle!

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7) Tractor

Tractors make a charming addition to any country wedding. Once again, add pretty lengths of ribbon and garlands and wreaths of flowers to make the bridge between rustic and bohemian.

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Image courtesy of Pinterest

8) Train

A rather uncommon transport option compared to cars or bicycles, trains work beautifully for a vintage bohemian wedding—especially if you opt for a ride on an authentic steam train.

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Image courtesy of Marie Lloyd Photography

9) Boat

Whether you choose a delightful rowing boat or canal boat for your newlywed photos or you host your wedding on a sleek yacht or sailing boat, boats provide you with a beautiful rustic-bohemian or beach-bohemian effect.

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Images courtesy of Pinterest

The possibilities are endless; some couples will choose a horse-drawn carriage or sleigh, and others will look at obscure options like a hot air balloon or small aircraft. You can bend pretty much any transportation to your theme with a bit of creativity. Find more inspiration in Wedding Transport.

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